Occupy SF: It’s ours, because we say it is…

Last Sunday, Occupy San Francisco seized a building owned by the Archdiocese of San Francisco, declaring it their new “commune”.

They sprayed anti corporate and anti police slogans all over the property, and caused thousands of dollars of damage.  Police were forced to go in to remove them, arresting 75, and charging 74 with misdemeanor trespass.

OccupySF mocks the Archdiocese, defaces cross on banner with Anarchy symbol

A pro Occupy article at http://truth-out.org/news/item/8294-occupy-sf-commune notes:

     “At least 22 school chairs were used to reinforce a barricade holding police out of the lot behind 888 Turk. Nearby, scrawled on a door:  

      ‘When the cities burn down, we’ll all be warm.’

Occupy SF Commune

Occupiers were arrested room by room. According to police, ‘trespassers retreated into rooms, many of which were barricaded from the inside, while others closed doors to an interior stair well and retreated to the second floor.’  One person jumped off the roof and was arrested.

Occupy SF Commune

The building was also marked by graffiti inside and out, ranging from hearts and messages of peace, including “Gun Free Zone” on the front facade, to “Kill Cops” and  endless bacon jokes in upstairs corridors.” 

Occupy SF Commune

Occupiers claimed while not a bank, the Catholic Church was part of the “1%”, therefore seemingly, justifying seizing their property.  An Archdiocese spokesperson said the building had been vacant for about 18 months and was slated to serve low income children as a high school.

According to the Occupy article, many of the Occupiers were not even from San Francisco. There is a sharing of personel from other areas of California (indicating the absence of numbers to sufficiently cover the various areas).

H/T to John Sexton at Breitbart  for the following video of the event:



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