Occupy SF: re-seizes building, occupier hits man in head with brick

Via ABC News from San Francisco-see video of incident here

About 200 Occupiers marched up from Van Ness and took over the building at 888 Turk Street about midday yesterday. They unfurled banners from the roof and invited others to come inside and join them. They tore down the fence around the building, and pried open the doors.  They wanted to make the building an urban commune — in their words, “to reclaim and liberate it for the people.”

They had seized this building about a month ago, causing $25,000 in damages before they were evicted by the police. See the prior stories here  and  here

Around 5:30 pm, one of the Occupiers climbed on the roof and began throwing heavy metal pipes, bricks and other objects down on the police and crowd gathered outside the building. While several bricks were aimed at the officers on Turk Street, only one of the demonstrators was hurt when he was hit in the face by a brick. The man on the roof, Jesse Nesbit, 34,  was arrested after he left the building and charged with felony assault.

The building was raided at 5 this morning, and protesters were peacefully evicted from the building. This time there was not as much damage as the prior occasion, although it included the destroyed fence and pried open doors. 26 protesters were arrested and charged with trespassing. Many were from out of the city, some from out side the state.

The building owned by the Catholic Church was in process of being prepared for rental, the money from which would to be used to provide income to assist low income high school students.


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  1. Anonymous

    Jesse Nesbitt with 2 letter T.

    August 15, 2012 at 4:04 am

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