Occupy SF: seizing more Church property, violence, threats to shut down Golden Gate

Over the Palm Sunday weekend, Occupy San Francisco seized a building owned by the Catholic Archdiocese at 888 Turk .

Calling it the “San Francisco Commune”,  about 75 people took over the building, causing thousands of dollars of damage,  blockading it and forcing police to have to remove them.

More on the story here: https://citizenjournalistdotorg.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/its-ours-because-we-say-it-is/

Now, they’re at it again.

They have allegedly seized another Church property, noting on their website:

The SF COMMUNE arose from the ashes on Easter Sunday at an undisclosed Church owned property. Less than one week after the Archdiocese commanded SFPD to violently evict and arrest 75 folks from 888 TURK St., a new Collective Housing Community Center has been established. The SF Commune will not tolerate the systems that force 7,000-10,000 San Franciscan’s to remain homeless while over 30,000 housing units are wasting away vacant.

On MAY DAY, the SFC will open it’s doors and conduct another OPEN OCCUPATION in solidarity with the MAY 1ST GENERAL STRIKE. For the next three weeks, the new site will continue to thrive covertly, engaging in mutual aid and direct democracy, in preparation for May Day. The SFC has been initiated to provide a perpetual, autonomous headquarters for the Occupy SF movement.


They are asking for supplies for their “new commune”, the location of which they will formally announce on May 1.


       Occupy SF continues to have problems. They have had two recent stabbings at their small 10-15 people assemblage in front of the Federal Reserve building on Market Street.  Today, their twitter account noted another alleged assault last night at their “General Assembly”:

#OccupySF‏ @sf99er

Last PM, James Cartmill was drunk & calling women B**es, assaulted Beth, refused to leave & called 911, when Nick removed him #osf #oo #ows

@sf99er Great for the movement! NOT!I Quit going to GA because of craziness Move it indoors & I’ll return Hope Beth is ok! #OWS #OSF#OO


Occupy SF, unlike some other cells,  has no problem referring to their actions as “anti capitalist”, calling for all “radicals and anti capitalists” to come out to blockade Wells Fargo on April 24:

 #Anti-Capitalist March called for Tue Apr24@10am @ JHP to Shut Down Wells Fargo Shareholders mtg #A24 #osf #oo #sfcommune#ows #FTP #BlocUp
Note the “FTP”, “Bloc up” hash tags at the end of the tweet, “FTP” meaning  referring to local “Fuck the Police” marches and “bloc up” calling for those involved to  use “black bloc” tactics – dress in black, hiding their identity.
             They also plan to try to shut down the Golden Gate Bridge during the May 1 “General Strike”:
Yeah. We’re about to help shut down the Goldeng Gate bridge on May Day. Not a big deal at all.  @VizFoSho@MikeQtips@CoupeDVillain
 They claim Transit Workers Union employees are supporting the action:

Golden Gate Transit Workers Union calling for Golden Gate Bridge shutdown for May Day #osf – http://ustre.am/F52R (7:02pm)


2 responses

  1. Sven

    Let them occupy the bridge then blockade both ends, arrest all of them, and deport them.

    April 19, 2012 at 3:13 am

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