Occupiers rampage through the Mission District again










Occupy black bloc rioters rampaged through the Mission District of San Francisco for the second night in a row, allegedly protesting an officer-involved shooting on Thursday.

The officer involved shooting occurred around 8:00 pm Thursday.  The man shot was a 22 year old reported gang member who had previously been convicted for robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. He was recently jailed for a parole violation and released about two weeks ago. He allegedly pulled a Tech-9 on an officer who fired back, wounding the suspect. The man is now recovering in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


Around 10:30 pm, dozens of rioters surrounded the police station at 630 Valencia St. and vandalized the police station, according to San Francisco police. Vandals spray-painted “Killers” on the front doors of the police station.

Last night, on Friday, the Occupiers came out again after arranging to meet at Dolores Park. Notice the hashtags on the post. “FTP” stands for “f–k the police”.  “OSF” is Occupy San Francisco and “OO” is Occupy Oakland. Dustin Slaughter, another Occupier/Anonymous supporter asks for pictures of the “damage” before it even occurs:

Around 80 people dressed in black then proceeded to riot in the Mission District smashing bank windows, slashing tires, and attacking businesses, Occupy live stream covering it all.  

They threw paint balls with glass in them at the police stations and other projectiles including a hammer. One officer was injured.

When one of the local restaurant owners dared to come out and ask them to stop hurting the businesses, he was punched in the face.

They also threw explosives of some type on the street.

They attacked the CBS News crew, trying to grab their camera, as well as banging and jumping on their van.

When CBS interviewed some of them, some were smoking marijuana, some believed that the suspect had been killed, others did not give clear answers as to why they were there.

While media covered it, and did refer to “Black Bloc”, it is unclear if they realized that it was Occupy.

Protesters passed out the following flyer to ABC News showing again that they really didn’t have their facts straight.

Click on picture for CBS story and video:


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