Anonymous threatens Philadelphia’s Redevelopment Authority and Councilman Kenyatta Johnson

Ori Feibush didn’t like the trash in the vacant lot next to his coffee shop. So he spent about $20,000 to fix it up and install what is basically a “pocket park”, with fencing, trees and park benches.

Except Feibush had a small problem. The property wasn’t his. It was owned by the city who was not happy with Mr. Feibush and they are considering legal action against him.

Now all of this would just be kind of dumb, and one would think that some deal would be worked out between Mr. Feibush’s attorneys and legal counsel for the city.

Except Anonymous then entered on the side of Mr. Feibush. Claiming he was being treated unfairly by the city, they launched an “op” against the city, #opPhillyGovTrash – threatening to pay the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority and Councilman Kenyatta Johnson “a visit” (~2:10).

A pastebin post contained further threats:

For seeking to take unwarranted punitive action against this small business owner, a member of the 99%, you have gathered the attention of Anonymous. This is not something you wish to do. We demand you immediately retract all claims of wrong doing by Mr Feibush and that you seek to arrange amicable compensation for his expenses incurred while doing YOUR job. Failure to do so is a terribly foolish move, and will not go unpunished. You have been warned.


One response

  1. Ori is upset that the city is calling him a liar? I don’t see why. Anyone that spends half a minute with him can pick up very quickly that once you get past the puppy dog face and sad eyes, his stories just don’t add up and something is, well, missing. He either stretches the truth, misrepresents the truth or just flat out lies about A LOT of stuff. I don’t think he can help it. It’s just apart of who he is.

    Lets take the issue that he’s now raising about Kenyatta Johnson, the city council person for the area in which he’s built all of his houses that made him super rich. He said that “Councilman Johnson moved into Point Breeze AFTER the election.” Well, a die hard Barbara Capozzi supporter (Mrs. Capozzi ran against Mr. Johnson for City Council) and someone who is not from Point Breeze and uses Fox 29 News for their facts would say something like that, but the reality is, Mr. Johnson and his family have long roots here and the house he moved to with his new wife wasn’t the first house he lived in in Point Breeze and Ori knows it. Also, the real estate company Mr. Johnson bought his house from paid $47,000.00 for the lot, not $500. Whatever the RDA sold it for had nothing to do with him. Mr. Johnson didn’t even know when the lot was sold in 2008 that 4 years later, he would eventually move there. However, Ori knows all of that. He’s just pissed because Mr. Johnson was planning to buy a house from him, but changed his mind for obvious reasons.

    September 27, 2012 at 5:57 am

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