Occupy Oakland- the cult at the door

A couple of weeks ago, Citizen Journalist reported on Occupy and affiliated groups storming Obama campaign headquarters in Oakland, California, getting in a scuffle with staff there and having to be tossed out by the police. Six people were arrested.

CJ  has seen more video on the event and it is amazing that more were not arrested.

Here is a short video.  To set the moment, they were there allegedly protesting on behalf of Bradley Manning, the private who leaked classified information, and who is awaiting trial. The  police have ushered most out of the office and are trying to close the doors to prevent any others entering. They refuse to let go of the door claiming, “we are on the sidewalk, it is our free speech right”. The purpose? Goad police into hurting them so they can claim assault. Police with infinite patience, talk, cajole, handle with delicacy. Police apparently try to arrest/corral one person at one point; Occupiers “de-arrest” him.

Finally the police as gently as they could under the circumstances, remove Occupiers hands from the door. One cries, “I got that on tape at the end”.

There was no way they were getting in, yet they chant the whole time “Free  Bradley Manning”, cult-like and unreasoning, not seeing that there was no real point to what they were doing, that it would never go their way.

A window into the behavior of the cultist.

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