The continuing saga of Occupy’s Nkrumah Tinsley

In the following video, shot at the RNC, you can see Occupiers assailing delegates who are walking by, slinging verbal insults at them and giving them the finger.

There is also the following exchange ~:44.

One occupier screams, “We are the coming insurrection,” as he bounces up and down.

“Prepare for the civil war, jacka**es,” screams another who was seen giving obscene gestures earlier in the video.

“I’ll be going in your houses,” he adds. Then having a moment of recognition that what he said might be a problem, he turns to the cameraman and says, “Don’t put that on camera”.


Followers may recognize the person threatening civil war and “going in your houses”. It is Nkrumah Tinsley, also known as “Joseph”, who was arrested for threatening to “burn NYC to the m–f–in’ ground” in November. He also was reportedly arrested in October 2011 for assault on a police officer. See more here.  At last report, the terrroristic threat case was still open against Tinsley, pending a psychiatric review.

Tinsley was at the NATO protests in May and at both the RNC and DNC protests. He was at the anniversary celebration yesterday.

One wonders how he continues to be able to get to all these protests, how he continues to make threats and if the NYPD are aware of his actions elsewhere.


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