Occupiers storm Obama campaign headquarters in Oakland and Portland, scuffle with staffers (video)

In a coordinated effort (and we leave how coordinated and with whom to your imagination), Occupy Oakland and Occupy Portland stormed Obama campaign headquarters in their respective cities in Oakland, California and Portland, Oregon.  The Occupy group in Oakland was comprised of the far left organizations including Iraq Vets against the War(including Scott Olsen who was injured in October of last year at a protest) and Code Pink. Both groups are active members of Occupy. The headquarters in Oakland still had boarded up windows from Occupy smashing the windows out on August 3.

After members stormed the office in Oakland. they read a formal statement by bullhorn asking President Obama to apologize to Bradley Manning for saying he broke the law,  for better treatment and for a pardon for  Bradley Manning.  Bradley Manning is awaiting trial on charges related to leaking government documents.

Protesters crowd the Oakland office here.

Photos of Code Pink and Iraq Vets Against the War members blocking the doorway in Oakland, Scott Olsen is 4th from the left, with the long blond hair:

After storming the office in Oakland, they got into a scuffle with Obama staffers when Occupiers climbed on top of and over chairs and tried to move further into the working area of the office.

Video taken by Scott Olsen:

Police were called in both locations. See pictures of Portland and in Oakland of police.  A hostage negotiator actually had to be called out in Oakland to talk with seven Occupiers, who refused to leave.  Police lost patience and moved in to make the arrests in Oakland around 9 pm last night. Scott Olsen was the only one of the seven not arrested, as they were given a last opportunity to leave and he left.   Six were arrested in Oakland and five are reported to have been arrested in Portland.

After the arrests in Oakland, other demonstrators marched on the Oakland Police station.

Reports this morning indicate that the people arrested in Oakland have been released already, except for one who will be held over the weekend.

The last time that Obama campaign headquarters faced “occupation” or sit ins was when illegal aliens occupied the offices in some locations in the week prior to President Obama granting amnesty to those who were brought here as children.

6 responses

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  2. Charlie R.

    A hostage negotiator? Are you kidding me?!?! The police should have given the OccuTards 1 minute to leave. After that billy clubs should have been cracking skulls.

    August 18, 2012 at 1:17 am

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  5. rodrigo

    So Scott abandoned his fellow occupiers to the police? I find it interesting that he was the only one not arrested…

    August 18, 2012 at 4:03 pm

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