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4 Arrested in Anaheim

Four were arrested today in Anaheim, California in protests against the Anaheim police department because of officer involved shootings.

At least three of the four were from out of the area- from Escondido, San Diego and San Bernardino.

There were about 50 locals from Anaheim, who called themselves “We are Anaheim”. They kept away from the other protesters who included many from out of the area including people from Occupy Oakland, Anonymous, Answer LA, the PSL (Party for Socialism and LIberation), Socialist Workers Party and the Communist Party. There were at least three “Che” flags flying in front of the police station.

Pictures from the day from the Orange County Register (warning for grossness on last picture):

International Action Center (far left organization) and Socialist Workers Party signs

PSL and Revolutionary Communist Party signs

“Vote Socialism!”

Protester kissing horse poop on street


Occupy sleeping on Wall Street

For the third night, Occupy beds down on the street at Broad and Wall Street.

Having been evicted and prevented from sleeping in the various parks, OWS has taken to sleeping on the sidewalk.  Numbers have varied between 15 and 30 people.

The first night, they slept on cardboard. Tonight they have moved in furniture, including chairs and a futon.

One might wonder, why they are allowed to sleep on the street?

While there is case law, most notably Metro Council vs. Safir, which allows sleeping as part of an organized, limited protest, if said protest is disorganized, not limited in space, or likely to cause disruption to the public or public sidewalk, it may not fall within a legally permissible range.

There appeared very little “protest”, apart from some signs on sidewalk, but a lot of disorganization and fair amount of items strewn over a significant part of ┬áthe sidewalk.