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Anonymous calls for revolution and war against the US-again

In the wake of protests in Anaheim, California,  allegedly over “officer involved shootings”, Anonymous has released a video, calling for revolution against the United States, declaring it #OpAnaheim.  In a prior video some months ago, an Anonymous video called for people to take up arms against the government and actually declared war on the US.

This video calls for for people to rise up and overthrow the US government. It mentions “shooting of protesters”, using the term loosely as the only “shooting of protesters” involved pepper spray balls or bean bags.  Here is a transcript of the video:

Citizens of the World,
We are Anonymous.

The purpose of this video is clear.

We want to inform the citizens of the world, that the United States is setting the flames of revolution. In Anaheim, police shot protesters and bystanders including kids who did nothing wrong. We, Anonymous, are calling yet again to the citizens of the United States, to rise up in unison, and defeat this government which values no lives nor freedom.

Do it for the safety of your families, your homes, and your future generations.

The fate of America is in your hands. Do you wish to be oppressed further, or do you wish to obtain freedom and peace?

The choice is yours. Let beat the drums of war.

Operation Anaheim, engaged.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.


New Book: Assange solicited Anonymous group to hack Icelandic government sites, instigate uprising

For those of us who follow Anonymous, Wikileaks and Occupy, the connections between the three are not news.  We’ve been watching the connections for a long time.

Finally, however, Julian Assange will be called out very publicly on at least one of his less than savory actions to more than just the Anon/Wikileaks/Occupy watchers.

Parmy Olson, who has been writing on Assange, Wikileaks and Anonymous for Forbes for some time, is coming out with a new book, “We Are Anonymous”.  Olson as a longtime watcher will likely have many interesting observations. In one of the most interesting so far, Olson details Assange meeting online with Lulz Sec.

Lulz Sec was a small hacking group, a part of Anonymous, who had been involved in multiple hacks against government and corporate websites. These efforts included stealing credit card information as well as government and business information which they later leaked onto the internet.

After Lulz Sec attacked the website,  Assange posted a supporting tweet on twitter, according to Olson. He later deleted the tweet, but reached out to Lulz Sec privately. He and a Wikileaks staff member known as “q” met in an IRC channel with Topiary and Sabu of Lulz Sec.

At first, Topiary was nervous. Here was Julian Assange himself, the founder of Wikileaks,  reaching out to his team. He couldn’t think why he wanted to talk to them.  Then he noticed what q and Assange were saying. They were praising Lulz Sec for its work, adding they had laughed at the DDOS(distributed denial of service) attack on the CIA. With all the flattery it almost felt like they were nervous.

Sabu told Assange that his crew was up for taking out “traditional government targets”.

Q went on to explain why he and Assange were reaching out to Lulz Sec-they wanted help infiltrating certain government and corporate websites in Iceland.  They had reasons for wanting retribution on Iceland:

A young Wikileaks member had recently gone to Iceland and been arrested. Wikileaks had also been bidding for access to a data center in an underground bunker but had lost out to another corporate bidder after the government denied them the space.  Another journalist who supoorted Wikileaks was being held by authorities.  Assange and q appeared to want Lulz Sec to to try to grab the e-mail service of government sites then look for evidence of corruption or at least evidence that the government was unfairly targeting Wikileaks. The picture they were trying to paint was of the Icelandic government trying to suppress Wikileaks’ freedom to spread information.  If they could leak such information, they explained, it could help instigate an uprising in Iceland and beyond.

This was not a deal out the goodness offered without exchange. Q was offering to give Lulz Sec a spreadsheet of classified government data, a file called RSA 128, which was encrypted and needed to be cracked.  Q explained they had computers at MIT working on it for two weeks but hadn’t cracked it yet.

Topiary confessed to Assange that they had been behind the HB Gary hack, which thereafter resulted in a leak of 75,000 emails, including personal emails.  Assange told them they could have structured the leak better.

Topiary and Sabu invited the Wikileaks pair over to Sabu’s server and created a channel for them. Q said he wished they could help the group more obviously with things like servers but that they didn’t want to link Wikileaks too obviously to Lulz Sec.  The team received  links to 2 government websites and one company website to the rest of the team for which they were to   find ways to get into their networks and grab their emails.

What Assange didn’t know was that Sabu, by this point, was working with the FBI as an informant and likely all this was being monitored.

Anonymous DDOS against NATO, City of Chicago and Chicago Police Dept

Cyber War News is reporting this morning DDOS(distributed denial of service) attacks against both the Chicago Police Department and NATO.

The attacks have been aimed at which is a community information site for the Chicago police. CWN reported the site down, but Citizen Journalist observed it was in operation, so if it was down, it was for a period under an hour.

Transcript provided by Anonymous in description on video:

Greetings fellow citizens of the world, we are AntiS3curityOPS.

While this has come to no surprise, the NATO protests are already reaching a boiling point. As tonight we have already witnessed the Chicago Police Dept sending out a request for two water cannons deployed on Michigan Avenue, which the protesters briefly were able to close of the street completely. Just a few moments ago we witnessed cops on horses seemingly all too content with the destiny that has turned their hearts cold, trampling over protesters trying to intimidate. And you know what we saw during this? Protesters locking arms and holding their ground. A few had Anonymous masks’ on, a few were girls who looked like they belonged safely off on the sidelines bravely charging cops with shields and on horse. All the while the protesters are chanting “Take those animals off those horses”, drowning out any attempts by the Chicago police to get a word in. Everyone of you are hero’s to us.

What we saw tonight watching a bit of the protest was everyday, average people fighting back and finally refusing to stand down. The NATO Summit is being utilized in such a way, and we couldn’t have predicted it more accurately. On the video we saw Mother’s, teenagers, elderly, the anarchists, white, black, hispanic, this movement see’s no skin color. every sort of person is well represented in these actions.

This is not a time to have our differences divide us, this is a time we all need to come together and rally around our brother’s and sister’s bravely in the street’s of Chicago risking their lives to make the one voice they have, heard. If every single one of us has a voice, one opinion, let us unite and show the violent Chicago police, and the government big brother tactic’s that we are not gonna take this.

We are actively engaged in actions against the Chicago Police Deptartment, and encourage anyone to take up the cause and use the AntiS3curityOPS Anonymous banner. For those able, should be fired upon as much as possible. We are in your harbor Chicago, and you will not forget us.

So for those unable to engage in attacks online by ddos, share with everyone you know what’s presently going on in Chicago, Tweet celebrities on twitter with the #SolidarityWithChicago #FuckNATO #FTP hashtags and get it trending. Also keep watching the live feed’s, and spreading the live feed links all relevant places. Together, we the people, are gonna take the power back.
We are AntiS3curityOPS.
We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forget.
We do not forgive.
Chicago Police Deptartment, expect us.

Despite the Anonymous narrative, there were no water canons used, and police were generally very restrained in dealing with the crowd on the street. The transcript refers to people linking and arms and charging the cops.  That did occur and was not precipitated by any action on the part of the police other than standing in a line. Police were charged and knocked over. There appeared to be blocs delegated to trying to impede the police from following along with the march, at one point blocking the horses, bikes and at one point slashing tires on a police van, surrounding the van and hitting it.

CWN also alleges that  was taken off line this morning, but checking it now, it appears fine so it was not down for more than 3 hours.

The attacks have been announced from @AnonAteam twitter account:

#TangoDown @NATO One-One censorship from #ATeam @DwayneV1x@AnonSkill @UKAnonymous2012 @minilulz @iblametom @ZDNetUK

The City of Chicago website also seems to be under attack and offline at the moment at

Anonymous defaces site of International Police Association

Anonymous took credit for attacking the International Police Association (IPA) website today, defacing it with angry messages. As of this evening, the site remains defaced.

While stating that they did it for “lulz”, they also suggested that they may have taken sensitive data from the site.

The defaced page contains the following message:

“oHai [hello]… International Police Association (International Admin Center) you will see we haz [had] some #LULZ at your expense maybe you will fix your security issues and of course… we always recommend you NOT store admin passwords in PLAINTEXT For a site like International Police Association… w3 [we] really expected moar [more]… #LULZ the thin…”

According to Wikipedia, the International Police Association is the largest organization for police officers in the world and has approximately 400,000 members in 64 countries. Its stated purpose is to encourage cooperation among police officers of the world.

This attack was allegedly part of a stated effort against police, known as #FuckFBIFriday, which has involved attacks on law enforcement sites over the past several months. These attacks have involved everything from hacking and stealing info to DDOS.  Recently, with the slew of Anonymous arrests, including those of Higinio Ochoa (“Wormer”) and John Anthony Borrell III (ItsKahuna), for a period of time, #FFF attacks had seemed to slow or stop.

Occupy: Anti Israel, Anti semitism?

A Facebook post on the Occupy Tampa Facebook page has been burning up the social media lines.

According to Haaretz:

The cartoon, shown below, depicted a Jewish man with a big nose and large beard driving a car with the symbol of the United Nations as the wheel and U.S. President Barack Obama’s head as the stick shift.

On Holocaust Remembrance day, this cartoon was particularly offensive and engendered 400 comments in protest.  “Putting this on Holocaust day just makes it even more sickening than it already is,” one user said.  “This is an outrage. All OWS sympathizers must be disgusted by this vile act of hatred,” said another user.  Despite the fact that most of the commentors were furious over the cartoon, 54 people “liked” the image.

Haaretz noted users who claimed the Occupy Tampa page was “not affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement”, that the movement has no official leadership so anyone can post under the “occupy” name.   However, the Occupy Tampa Facebook page has more than 25,000 followers, and has been active since September 25, the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

All the occupations are technically “autonomous”, so each could disavow the other.  Invariably, when there is a crime or something unpleasant done by an Occupier, the “official” word is that the actor is “not really an Occupier” or one cannot ascribe his actions to everyone else.

Much has been said about anti semitism in OWS already; it is usually met with “we cannot control what individual people say” or as with Occupy Tampa, it is not “official” part of OWS.

It is however important to understand there is a large anti-Israel component to OWS.  For example, some of the founding boots on the ground for OWS – Code Pink, Worker’s World Party and Anonymous-all have made pro Palestinian, anti Israel pronouncements. While there is certainly a distinction that one can make between objecting to actions of a country-Israel-and being anti-semitic, these statements have sometimes crossed the line, and make one wonder.

In October in Melbourne, Occupy had a large protest, part of which marched on a mall against a chocolate shop owned by Jews, which Occupy said had somehow supported Israel. In the process of the march, one member ripped an Israeli flag out of the hands of a man silently protesting them on the side of the road.

In November,  Occupy Boston, led by Code Pink and Communications Workers of America VP Dennis Trainor, led an “invasion” of the Israeli consulate in Boston. While short, the invasion chanted slogans such as, “Viva la Intifadah” and waved Palestinian flags.

Occupy DC protested the alleged influence of Israel by “Occupying AIPAC” during the AIPAC conference in March. This was posted in support by @Anon_Central, an anonymous twitter account that has also declared war on the US:

See this cartoon and think about it. Just think this time. Is it true? #USA #Zionist #Israel #AIPAC!/Anon_Central/status/176365514011066368/photo/1

Historically, of course, pogroms against Jews would begin with cries against the evil “bankers” and their ability to control the world (translation: Jews controlling the world). So when the rhetoric is of the “evil banksters” controlling the world, it understandably makes some nervous.

Anonymous has actually declared war on Israel in the following video in quite virulent terms, vowing to destroy Israel in three steps:

When we asked @OccupyWallSt (as much of an “official” twitter account as you probably will get) about the above cartoon, they denounced it as hate speech, but did not respond when we asked if they would denounce Anonymous for declaring war in such terms on Israel.  This declaration has taken the very real shape of online hacks against the Israeli government as well as hitting a variety of other Israeli websites, some with no relation to the government. However, that is just the “first step”.  Anonymous promises two more steps,  “suprises” for Israel.

Anonymous has also computer attacked various law enforcement agencies in defense of Occupy for alleged police brutality against them.  The FBI has arrested several Anonymous members recently for some of these actions.

When you demonize a group of people, to the point of making up names about them-the 1%, “banksters”, “vampire squids”-you create an environment in which such sentiments can flourish. Why do you not succeed? Nazis told the people it was the evil money grubbing Jews, Occupy Wall Street tells you it’s the evil “banksters”.

Occupy appears to believe in collective guilt of the imagined evil 1%, yet not in collective responsiblity of their members who commit offensive acts.  In so doing they engage in dangerous, divisive and harmful rhetoric.  People need to call it out for what it is, to put a stop to it.

Anonymous/Cabin Cr3w member, @It’sKahuna, arrested

John Anthony Borrell III, aka @It’sKahuna on Twitter, was arrested by the FBI and charged with two counts of computer intrusion in violation of 18 U.S.C.§1030(a)(5)(A).

These charges concerned hacking a Utah Police Chiefs’ website as well as the website of the Salt Lake City Police Department in January 2012.

Borrell, 21,  was allegedly part of “Cabin Cr3w”, a hacker sub group of Anonymous which has been responsible for the online attacking of law enforcement agencies, sometimes in reaction to various Occupy related police confrontations.

Police were able to link Borrell through connections to work and neighbors’  IP addresses. They also were able to obtain information from Twitter which included his picture sent to another person in anonymous.

Borrell is just one of many recent Anonymous arrests.  Recent arrests included “Sabu”(Hector Monsegur), who became an informant for the FBI, and “wormer”(Higinio Ochoa)(who was also a member of the “Cabin Cr3w”).

Borrell is also noted in the FBI complaint as offering to become an informant for them.

See full indictment and complaint here:

Borell was arrested March 20 and has been detained in Ohio. Each count carries up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Authorities in early February had said the hackers who attacked the Salt Lake City Police Department website gained access to citizen complaints about drugs and other crimes, including phone numbers, addresses and other personal data of informants.

The police website was just recently restored after additional security measures were added.

Anonymous was also involved in an attack on the Boston police in retaliation for “police brutality at OWS,” an apparent reference to the Occupy Wall Street movement. The message also promised “there is plenty more mayhem to deliver.”

HT to @TomRyanBlog for indictment/complaint.

Anonymous attacks Chinese and British websites

Over the Easter weekend, Anonymous is alleged to have attacked British and Chinese websites.

500 Chinese websites were defaced.and British government websites were also hit.   The Home Office, Ministry of Justice and Number 10 Downing Street sites were disrupted on Saturday night by denial of service attacks, which flooded the websites with more traffic than they could handle.

Anonymous described the reasons for the attacks as in protest of ACTA and against the UK-US extradition treaty.  Said treaty may result in British hackers being extradited to the US for their alleged crimes.

Anonymous claims they will continue attacks each weekend on British sites.

See more at