Russia Today (RT) propaganda runs amuck “Your choice couldn’t be any clearer”

Is there any doubt that much of the media is in the tank for the re-election President Obama?

Apparently the Kremlin and Putin are down for more Obama (Remember the “I’ll have more flexibility after the election” comment of Obama’s, and the  “I’ll transmit that to Vladimir” reply?) Listen to this from Thom Hartmann from the “Big Picture” show from Russia Today(RT) .  Russia Today is the Kremlin-funded propaganda arm, reporting in the United States.  It continually attacks the US. But even for them, this went over the line.

Hartmann bashes the RNC, which is presently being held in Tampa. He speaks of  the dream of Dr. King, ” tonight, that dream is a nightmare in Tampa”.

Start listening at ~ 5:10. Transcript is below.

Today we’re in a never-ending “war on terror” promoted by those same people in Tampa that you’ll be hearing more from. In fact, the one voice in the Republican Party that aligns with Dr. King in opposition to war, Ron Paul, has been banned from speaking at the convention. Instead, he’s been replaced by people like John Boehner and Rick Santorum, who want even more war, who believe America’s army is “God’s Army” and should bring democracy to the Middle East through drone strikes, cruise missiles and cluster bombs. America is already too far down those long dark  shameful corridors that those nations that possess power without compassion have walked in the past.

Dr. King’s dream of peace is a nightmare tonight in Tampa Florida. And so, on this night, a half century after King talked about his dream, we should all be aware of the choice in front of us. It’s a choice that, frankly, couldn’t be any clearer. On one side we have the dream or nightmare coming from the RNC. A dream that only the wealthy can be trusted, that minorities are flawed, and that endless war is destined by God. And on the other side, we have the American dream, a dream rooted in equality, economic justice, and lasting peace. The dream handed down to us from the Rev Doctor Martin Luther King. And a dream that our nation can and will achieve, if we just all work at it, and don’t give in to the politics of division that we’re hearing from Tampa. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Of course, not only is Hartmann on the crazy train, but it’s rife with lies.  The truth is that Ron Paul was invited to speak and he turned it down, which he said on Fox News from the convention(yes, he was there). He was clearly still upset about not getting the nomination. The person currently conducting wars and drone strikes is President Obama. There is no basis for any of the other attacks. But why let facts get in the way? If it helps get Obama elected so he can be “more flexible”.

Hartmann is right. Our choice couldn’t be any clearer.

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