Obama campaign coordinator attacks Romney’s Mormonism

Obama for America LA coordinator Samuel Cook III chose Mitt Romney’s gracious comment on the death of Neil Armstrong to attack Romney’s Mormonism, managing both to be insulting to Romney’s religion and disrespectful of Neil Armstrong in one fell swoop.

Kolob is a star or planet referenced in Mormon scripture.  So it’s a little like being insulting by referencing the burning bush or “Ezekial saw the wheel”.

He gets called out, rightfully so, for his bigotry. There has been a not-so-subtle effort on the part of the Obama campaign to smear Romney to Christians and Evangelicals as “not really a Christian”.

This is so stupid as to almost be a calculated deliberate move that the campaign wants media to pick up to split Romney from conservative Christians.  But what Mr. Cook doesn’t get is people are not fools.  It is Romney that certainly more in concert with conservative Christians’ issues.

You would think that Obama, having had people raise questions that he felt were unfair about his Christianity, that he would be “fair” to Romney. Don’t bet on it.

The whisper campaign has stopped and the full out attack seems to be starting.


Mr. Cook is keeping up the bigotry, again making it very clear that this was calculated and no accidental slip up.  He mocks the prayer attire that some Mormon’s wear as “magic underwear”, a derogatory term.

He then goes full Illuminati and veers into a conspiracy of Mormons to “infiltrate the government”.

How much of this idiocy does the Obama campaign support and how much further will they stoop to try to attack Romney’s religion and sow divison?


Mr Cook has now protected his tweets. A little too late, one would think. He now claims he is “speaking for himself”,  yet he is Obama for America Louisiana coordinator.


Obama campaign still hasn’t managed to stop Mr. Cook from putting his foot in it. One more time, as he admits and tries to justify attacking Romney’s religion:


Mr. Cook is now apologizing for his comment:

“I would like to personally apologize to @MittRomney for my inartful remark following his Armstrong tribute. It was crass and undignified.”

“Inartful comment” .

How about series of comments, not just one, over a period of hours that are offensive and bigoted about Mormons in general, and not just Romney? Accusing Mormons of a conspiracy to take over the government?  Making fun of religious clothing? Then trying to justify the religious attacks?

Mr. Cook thought he could play open season on Mormons. He found out differently.

Mr Cook  purports to be a “Republican for Obama”.  Yet he is co chair of Young Democrats of New Orleans in addition to his Obama campaign position. See here.

He is also Gen44 coordinator in Louisiana, meaning he is coordinating of the “official under-40 fundraising program of Obama for America—created to cultivate and empower a rising generation of leaders for the Democratic Party”.  He has also made comments saying the South need more “strong Progressive leaders” and called for a  “cap” on Republicans that are elected.

Strange Republican.

Sounds similar to more alleged “Republicans for Obama” who are actually Democrats, as was recently exposed in the “Republican Women for Obama” campaign video.

The Obama campaign is having a bit of difficulty between the bigotry and the lying.

Hopefully Democrats and others in the Obama campaign will repudiate these attacks and not follow in Mr. Cook’s footsteps.


And once again, Mr Cook seems not to get that Internet is forever.  He deleted his tweet in response to Adam Baldwin where he justified attacking Mormonism, calling Mormonism “fair game” because of birther questions about Obama.  Sorry, Mr. Cook, again too little, too late-saved for posterity.

2 responses

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  2. So now he is attacking you for pointing out his bigotry. That’s pretty classic sociali..err I mean libera…uhh… *progressive* tactics…

    I’m sure he thinks i’s impossible for him to be a bigot since he isn’t white… or conservative.

    August 26, 2012 at 3:50 am

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