Occupy merges with SDS

On August 19, the Students for a Democratic Society formally approved merging with Occupy Colleges. This approval echoed a prior approval for the merger by the “Occupy Colleges National Assembly”.

The present chapters of Occupy Colleges have now all been given an affiliate status within the “National Working Committee of the SDS” and operate as a single organization with shared resources.  According to The Nation:

Occupy Colleges co-facilitator Natalia Abrams spoke enthusiastically about the strength of the new collaboration and noted that “it was the dream of Occupy Colleges at our inception to join with SDS in order to strengthen the student movement.” Stephanie Taylor of the SDS National Working Committee added “this merger signifies not an end or a beginning to our respective local movements but rather a burgeoning of our critical, collective, national movement as students and youth. SDS has always stood as the largest multi-issue, multi-tendency progressive student organization in the country and we are excited to have Occupy Colleges officially join us—we know this is a positive advancement for the student movement at large.”

The coordination is not suprising, as the personnel were often the same. SDS had presence amongst the founders of OWS along with other leftist groups. New SDS Marissa Holmes factored in much of the early decision making and structure of operation, for example. Old SDS faces also made their appearance with visits/talks from the likes of Bill Ayers and  Bernadine Dohrn. Mike Golash, former president of the Amalgamated Transit Worker’s Union, member of the Progressive Labor Party (one of the factions the original SDS broke off into) was the Occupy DC librarian and talks about aims being replacing capitalism with communism here.

What is suprising perhaps is that Occupy has ceased pushing the fiction that they represent all of the political spectrum. They have been and continue to be far left at their organizing core.  Because any who may have thought otherwise have now faded away, they are now characterizing themselves more honestly. One can see more evidence of this on their website, Occupy the RNC, where they blatantly state their purpose is to take down capitalism.

The same language and the same people have been promoting all the same ideas of occupation, collectivism, socialism and communism for a very long time. It’s just that the MSM hadn’t been paying any attention to them before, and now has pretty much gone back to ignoring them again.

From the SDS “occupation” of the New School in NYC in 2008:

From the New School SDS chapter (7 pm 12/16/08)

We have just occupied New School University.

We liberate this space for ourselves, and all those who want to join us, for our general autonomous use. We take the university in explicit solidarity with those occupying the universities and streets in Greece, Italy, France and Spain.

This occupation begins as a response to specific conditions at the New School, the corporatization of our education and the impoverishment of education in general. However, it is not just this university but also New York City that is in crisis: in the next several months, thousands of us will be losing our jobs, while housing remains unaffordable and unavailable to many and the cost of living skyrockets.

So we stress that the general nature of these intolerable conditions exists across the spectrum of capitalist existence, in our universities and our cities, in all of our social relations. For this reason, what begins tonight at the New School cannot, and should not, be contained here.

Thus: with this occupation, we inaugurate a wave of occupations in New York City and the United States, a coming wave of occupations, blockades, and strikes in this time of crisis.

Be assured, this is only the beginning,

With solidarity and love from New York to Greece, to Italy, France and Spain,

To the coming insurrection.

The occupied New School

It’s never about the current crisis, whatever that is, always about attacking and bringing down capitalism ultimately.

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