Occupy Oakland Organizer: Cop Killing Alleged Child Rapist is “Hero”

Today the glare of media was on politician Todd Akin and his comment about rape. Akin has said he misspoke and apologized for the comment. It seems likely he will have to withdraw from his political race.

Yet this MSM focus seems to vanish when it comes to things which the MSM eyes more favorably, such as Occupy.

Over this past weekend, Occupy Truth, a coming together of bloggers and ordinary citizens, shone a focus on the violence within Occupy that the MSM continues to ignore or cover poorly.   Occupy the Truth, held in Cleveland,  focused especially on the fact that the MSM continues to ignore the Occupy connection in the case of Occupiers arrested for planning to blow up the Cuyahoga  Bridge in Cleveland.

Occupy continues in its way with violence in discussion and approach, all the while being cast by MSM as “mostly peaceful”.

Occupy Oakland organizer Jessica Hollie (otherwise known as “Bella Eiko”) recently tweeted the following:

Just for background, “FTP” means “fuck the police” and “ACAB” means “All cops are bastards”. These are typical hashtags of Occupy along with “revolution” and “us revolution”.

You can see further fun moments with Bella Eiko here where she and other occupiers brings a city council meeting to chaos, and where Bella and others march on a councilwoman’s home, after Occupiers put out a “wanted” poster on the council woman.

Who is Lovelle Mixon?

Mr. Mixon is a man who killed four police officers on March 21, 2009.   The police have also linked him to three sexual assaults. Included among the sexual assaults is the assault at gunpoint of a 12 year old girl. More back ground on Mixon here.

The article that Ms. Hollie cites appears to justify or at least excuse Mixon’s actions because he had difficulty finding a job after he got out of prison and had a parole officer who cancelled appointments on him.

Ms. Hollie’s statement is not a misstatement, not taken out of context. It is, sadly, apparently, what she truly believes.

When your vision gets that narrow in pursuit of your cause, it may be time to hang it up.  “God bless them”-Nancy Pelosi.

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