White House claims Occupy collusion emails were “mistaken”

In an interview with Victoria Taft on the Victoria Taft show  KPAM radio at AM 860 , Judicial Watch spokesperson Tom Fitton announced that the White House had responded to the growing scandal surrounding their decision to  “stand down” from enforcing the law against Occupy lawbreakers.

The scandal was revealed when Judicial Watch, having obtained documents through the FOIA act, discovered emails between the GSA(General Services Administration) and the DHS (Department of Homeland Security).  Occupy was illegally camping on federal land administered by the GSA. While camping on the land, and other land in Portland, they created multiple problems, including threatening reporters and vandalizing local banks. Taft also spoke of the “420 tent” that was at the Occupy Portland where people went to get stoned.

The emails revealed GSA Commissioner Robert Beck saying that they had consulted with the WH and were “standing down” from enforcing action against Occupy. See more here.

Now Fitton has said the White House has responded, claiming, despite the emails showing White House collusion, GSA Commissioner Beck was “mistaken” about the White House’s approval for standing down from enforcing the law.

Fitton and Taft expressed incredulity that the White House could be taking that posture, given the emails.

The White House and prominent Democrats, such as Nancy Pelosi, have made various endorsing statements about Occupy since its inception, most famously, Nancy Pelosi’s statement, “God Bless them”.  Most of the people who started Occupy have a background in Democratic or leftist causes including with ACORN, SDS, SEIU, the Wobblies, Code Pink and the Democratic Socialists of America.

Occupy has been involved with over 7500 arrests as of the current date, everything from disorderly persons charges up to murder. Nationally, the damages resulting from various Occupy actions exceed 40 million dollars.  In LA alone, in a state bordering on bankruptcy, Occupy has cost the city over 4 million dollars.


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