Occupy smashy: Hope and Change-not so much

Here is a highly edited video from Occupy Oakland of their attack on the Obama HQs, with accompanying taunt and dance party.

In addition to the attack on the headquarters, they also tore down fences at 19th and Telegraph, and attacked cars, smashing windshields.

Most of the people in the video are not Occupiers, but surrounding people attending an art street festival. The Occupiers are often dressed in black bloc attire on this video.

Attributing this action and the smashing of the windows to the subgroup calling itself,  “East Bay Uncontrollables”,  Occupy Oakland said:

“The East Bay Uncontrollables said the attacks were designed to protest a Seattle grand jury’s investigation into vandalism during May Day protests, “and to continue our struggle against the forces of the State and Capital at home.”

At ~1:20 you can see them destroying the fence, then they attack the office:

In another communication released by Occupy, they gave the following rationale, objecting to permit requirements related to the art festival, Art Murmur:

We refuse to surrender our space. We want to encourage the organic and rebellious elements of Art Murmur[the street art festival]  to flourish. We are here to exercise a vision of a liberated city full of free art, free music, free culture, free expression, and free streets.

We are spontaneous, insurgent, uncontrollable.
These are our streets, and we are here to take them.

A storm is coming…

An Art Murmur organizer expressed concern that such actions could tarnish the otherwise peaceful art festival.

The same subgroup of Occupy claimed responsibility for attacking police cars by pouring glass etching fluid on the windshields of two unmarked police cars outside a police recruitment center in Frank Ogawa Plaza, slashing the tires on one vehicle, grafittiing the outside of the station and splashing poisonous hydroflouric acid across the center’s windows.


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