Revolting Propaganda

Manual Diaz was shot by police on July 21 in Anaheim, California.

When police were pelted with rocks and bottles at a later protest of his death,  Occupy was on the scene stirring the pot.

Occupy has become the ambulance chasers of tragic events from the shooting of Trayvon Martin to the recent police shootings in Anaheim. They’ve actually shipped in people from Oakland and elsewhere in California.

Their aim in Anaheim, as elsewhere, get people into the streets, whatever the cause, however they can get people.

While one Occupier, Jayron, puts out a call for live streamers to broadcast the Anaheim “protests”,  OLAASM(Occupy LA-Anti Social Media)  reminds him, it isn’t about documenting what is actually happening, it’s about editing for propaganda.   Sufficiently chastised, Jayron agrees:

At a later action,  when protesters were advancing on a police skirmish line, somehow a photographer, trying to move KNBC reporter Angie Crouch’s car, got caught in the middle of the action, between the protesters and the police.

Let’s listen to how CNN’s Amber Lyon reported it:

Looks like a good picture right? Horrible police appearing to attack car of helpless reporter.

Except it’s a lie and Amber Lyon knows it.

Let’s see what the local NBC affiliate says about it:

Oh, ho, it was the protesters that smashed the windshield! Hmm, why doesn’t the CNN reporter report that?

Tweets were sent to Amber Lyon to tell her that she was wrong, yet she still has the tweet and never clarified for anyone once the facts were known.

The other picture was just too good to correct.

Amber Lyon has her name across the picture, indicating she took it. If she took it, then all the more that she should know that police didn’t attack the car and damage the windshield, that the damage was already there.

The reporter, Angie Crouch,  noted that her photographer had been trying to get away from the protesters, got turned around and ended up driving right at the police skirmish line, hence the police advancing on the car, and him putting his hands up. But the police did not attack him and he had no trouble from them. They, of course, had every right to be concerned about a car driving at their line of cops.

It is wise in the face of a clear effort to manipulate the media, and media who will manipulate the facts, to be careful what you accept as the truth.


Amber Lyon apparently has had a parting of the ways with CNN, and may no longer be employed there, at least not full time. According to Amber, who spoke at a panel at Def Con last night, her parting of the ways was because of her association with Anonymous and CNN’s concern about the legalities of her interviewing fugitives.

She interviewed Commander X, an Anonymous hacker, who jumped bail and fled to Canada to avoid prosecution. It was Commander X himself(real name Christopher Doyon) who raised questions about Lyon’s role in his escape, talking about her presence during his escape, as well as the help he received from Occupy members in said escape.

Amber apparently said that the government considers her a criminal but it’s worth it.

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