Occupiers being occupied

Occupy Wall St has a pledge page where people are encouraged to “fight back” and have a choice to pledge to do one of a number of things. Choices include starting an occupation, organize their workplace, got to a meeting, show up for an action. You get the idea.

Someone apparently tried to troll the OccupyWallSt.org site yesterday.

Occupy Wall Street has a national gathering that they are planning in Philadelphia this week. It is planned as a 5 day sleep in.

July 4th weekend is a very busy time in Philadelphia and the city will be prepared for a mass convergence on their amenities. Our “People’s Map” will direct people to restrooms, encampments, and banks for #banksleep.

For the occasion, they have a twitter hashtag, #natgat. Today, conservatives and others appear to have hijacked the hashtag and are having lots of fun posting.

A selection of the tweets can be seen at Twitchy here.




Hey, the Occupy National Gathering has a hashtag: . Be a shame if something happened to it. 😉 -jt

Developing: Occupiers upset at conservatives taking over , a hashtag dedicated to Occupiers…who take over things that aren’t theirs


Any hijacking of the  thread by conservatives from “Team Twitchy” (?????) will *NOT* be tolerated  

You are so precious! Just want to hug you…but no #BecauseScabies MT@OccupyNGSafety The conservative hijackers will be DEFEATED! #natgat


Defend Wall Street@DefendWallSt


Heh Occupiers – there are better discussions at the @jessehadden livestream. No conservative hijackers there.  

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