Julian Assange runs to Ecuadorian embassy in London to escape extradition

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks,  is currently at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, asking for political asylum.

Ecuador says that it is analyzing his request, although Wikileaks claims already that he is already “under the protection” of the Ecuadorian embassy, according to their Twitter.

According to Russia Today(RT) , the media organ of the Kremlin that employs Assange to do a show, Ecuador previously had offered Assange residency in 2010.

Deputy Foreign Minister Kintto Lucas said his country is “open to giving him [Assange] residency in Ecuador”. Lucas also said Ecuador was “very concerned” by information revealed by Wikileaks linking US diplomats with spying on friendly governments.

Apparently Ecuador is not too concerned about Assange’s alleged spying efforts, including the effort to employ Anonymous to hack Icelandic government email to instigate an uprising in Iceland.  See here.

Assange has been under house arrest in the UK since 2010, after Sweden issued an international arrest warrant over allegations of sexual assault.

Swedish authorities accuse him of raping one woman and sexually molesting and coercing another in August that year, while on a visit to Stockholm to give a lecture.

He recently lost his bid to fight extradition and would likely have been extradited to Sweden, hence the reason for his immediate need to claim “asylum”.  Coincidentally, seemingly, Assange interviewed Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa last month on Assange’s show.

Assange had been out on bond of £200,000 ($315,780), much of which had been raised by supporters. He was supposed to be monitered electronically.

In granting the bond, Overnight Justice Duncan Ouseley stated Assange’s “reputation” would be “diminished” if he fled from extradition proceedings.

“Were he to abscond, he would diminish himself in the eyes of his supporters,” Mr Ouseley said.


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