Occupy puts out “wanted” poster on council woman, marches on her home with a pitchfork (updated new video)

Oakland city council member Patricia Kernighan was concerned about public safety.

She was particularly concerned about the turmoil and disruption that Occupy brought to Oakland. So she proposed an ordinance that would outlaw bringing to demonstrations some of the common “tools of violence” that Occupiers frequently used, such as impact-resistant shields, hammers, aerosol cans, pressurized paint sprayers, paint projectiles, and fire accelerants—all of which have been deployed by Occupy Oakland.

The ordinance came up for a vote on May 22.  Occupiers packed the meeting with about 40 people and spent almost 2 hours cursing and yelling at Kernighan and other council members.

Alan Kurtz at All Voices captures the mood:

Unquestionably the chief crazy that night was 28-year-old college student and Occupier Jessica Hollie, better known by her Twitter handle Bella Eiko. Bella is Occupy Oakland’s LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device)—a formidable sonic weapon. Her hopping-mad, expletive-crammed 14 minute harangue spewed personal invective at Chairwoman Kernighan. “You are on yo’ knees serving capitalism,” Bella sneered.

She also lambasted the American flag, which Occupy Oakland routinely burns in protest. “The Supreme Court,” according to Bella, “said it’s a perfectly protected form of self expression to burn that piece of shit that don’t represent nothing except imperialism and f***ing oppression.”

But it was the shields that really sent Bella ballistic. Having strategically placed her own makeshift shield (a Rubbermaid 32-gal trash can cut in half) in front of the lectern, Bella blustered: “If you take our shields, the only thing left is our Second Amendment right! So when we shoot back, I want you to holler ‘Safety!'” This drew raucous cheers from the Occupiers.

The next speaker was a sinister calm after Hurricane Bella. “I want to tell you, Pat Kernighan,” said gray haired Occupier Stephanie Demos, “that I could walk up to you and kill you with a f***ing pencil. Are you going to outlaw pencils?” This grisly image amused the Occupiers.

After those speakers, there seemed to be a calmer speaker who rose to speak against the disruptive behavior. That man, Vincent Suave, a 26 year resident was shouted down and threatened on the council floor. One Occupier grabbed the mike from him and told him “You can’t talk”, another walked up to him and told him, “You wouldn’t make it home”.

The meeting was called, and Kernighan and Suave had to have a police escort as the meeting dissolved into chaos.

If you have a strong stomach for public meeting hell and a descent into bedlam, here is a video that captures the insanity: (language warning)

The Occupiers apparently were not happy with turning the meeting into circus. They still were unhappy with Patricia Kernighan.

So they put out a wanted poster on her, advertising a rally and march at which they urged members to bring their favorite “tool of violence”.  Shades of the alleged target on Gabby Giffords:

According to Kurtz, on June 11, around 40 people actually marched on Kernighan’s home, at least one person carrying a pitchfork, and rang her bell. Kernighan apparently wasn’t home. This seemed to stymie the Occupiers. So they made speeches to themselves, burned an American flag, sang “fuck you America”,  and then walked dejectedly home again.


8 responses

  1. And these savages and wild animals are not in jail because???????????

    June 19, 2012 at 5:22 pm

  2. Dale

    I was in the bay area a few weeks ago for a conference, and on a whim drove over to see Occupy Oakland for myself. It was a joke; there were a few young punks with sleeping bags, and that’s it.

    As far as Stephanie’s remarks… it sounds like terroristic threats to me. Why wasn’t she charged with a crime? And why the hell did the council allow those punks to harass that last speaker?

    June 19, 2012 at 6:36 pm

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  6. Y’know, if she hates this country this much, I would be more than willing to do some research and pay for a one-way ticket to fly her back to the country from whence her ancestors came…..

    June 27, 2012 at 5:14 pm

  7. Lee

    This will only get worse. Until we decide to have the moral strenght to do what is necessary to stop these fools. Fix baynets and clear the street.

    July 2, 2012 at 7:05 pm

  8. These are the people the “Democratic” party idolise and hold up as paragons of civic virtue.

    August 21, 2012 at 3:18 am

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