Hey Don Lemon, the answer to your question…

Remember when Don Lemon of CNN decried police action against NATO protesters with the comment “Does anyone deserve this” to video of police hitting people with batons?

Don Lemon admits that he doesn’t know what prompted the reaction, yet makes the comment anyway.

Hey Don, perhaps you missed this video, shot from a different angle and not edited like the one that you had. This contains the precipitating attack by Occupiers.  Notice in the middle of the screen as a black shield is passed to the front at :07, then a red shield. Then long poles/sticks.  Notice how they begin to clump up to form a tight mass, one adjusts his scarf mask, and another man in a green shirt steps out, knowing what is coming and not wanting to be involved.  They know what is coming. All the while, black bloc member is up front distracting (seemingly) the cops from the preparation movements.  They then charge the cops.

Even as they are pushed back by cops, you can see Occupiers with sticks continuing to hit and kick out at the police. Others continue to throw sticks and bottles at the police.  You can also see some seek to “de-arrest” one member, trying to grab him from police custody.

This has been a typical tactic-to precipitate action and then show the reaction, clipping the provocation. Anything to get that “police brutality” shot.

Does that answer your question, Don?


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