Bill Maher: OWS, stop camping, get involved in political process, we need you to be our Tea Party

Some on the left are finally getting around to picking over the corpse of the Occupy movement and asking what went wrong.

Last night, Bill Maher chastised OWS  to stop camping and start participating in the political process.

Mediaite picks up on Maher’s comment and asks, “Whatever happened to Occupy Wall Street? It was a big thing last year, it was going to be the left’s answer to the Tea Party, now no one really knows where it’s going.”

Mediaite notes:

Maher mocked the movement for its many grandiose ideas and lack of realism, and while he admitted he enjoyed going out to Occupy DC last year, “having a sleepover in the park for four months didn’t cause Wall Street to crumble.” He acknowledged Occupy has “the right message,” but its execution and public awareness campaign are not exactly the sort to make substantive change.

Occupy’s big event this summer is on July 4th, and according to Maher, their goal is “to facilitate a visioning process designed to allow all voices to be heard while allowing repeat visions to organically rise to the top.” And while “visioning process” makes me think of kaleidoscopes, it’s apparently what they’re planning on doing next month. And the next day, Occupy is hosting a “guitarmy.” Yes, a “guitarmy.”

Maher grudgingly compliments the Tea Party- recognizing that they moblized, they got involved in the political process and now have candidates in Congress to follow up on their agenda. He said, “We need Occupy to be our Tea Party-an unwavering block that will force things to the left as relentlessly as a new pair of jeans with a tight inseam”.

Maher,  Mediaite and others, of course, miss the point when they express their desire to turn Occupy into the Tea Party. They’ve been taking this tack since Occupy appeared.

But Occupy doesn’t want to be the Tea Party of the left. It doesn’t want to be a part of the political process. It wants to bring that process down. Maher mocks the Occupy motto, “The only solution is world revolution”, but that is what they desire.

Additionally, any numbers that Occupy may have had have precipitously declined exactly because of that intractable stance. So there isn’t much of an “army” left.

So Maher ends up talking to the wind.

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