Occupy upset with recall loss, clash with police, take it out on CNN (Updated)

Occupy and other members of the far left are not taking the loss well in Wisconsin.

Members of Occupy and/or the  SDS, AFSCME, AFT, Progressive Democrats of America, Welfare Warriors, Voces de la Frontera, Liberty Tree Foundation and the Party for Socialism and Liberation met in Pere Marquette park in downtown Milwaukee. The massive protest, which numbered about 50 people, gave speeches and had a “solidarity sing”.

Some tired to be positive, insisting they hadn’t actually lost anything. Others, not so much.  Via the MacIver Institute,watch for CNN to take the hit for all their angst:

According to Media Trackers, the group of protesters then started a march past City Hall, spilling into the street, blocking traffic and periodically clashing with Milwaukee Police.  Four protesters were arrested when they purposely marched toward police on horseback.  One arrest came from a protester poking an officer with a sign. They insulted police, calling them “pigs” among other things, and used profanity at police throughout the march.  Media Trackers noted the march and clashes appeared highly orchestrated and organized despite the explanation of leaders that this was a “leaderless movement.”

Update: Commenter ChuckXXX from Weasel Zippers gets in the best zinger calling our friend Thistle “Pippi Long Stalin”

Also for a humorous version of an already humorous video, visit Sooper Mexican for his enjoyable take.


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  2. That CNN employee preparing the bus was beautiful. He refused to get drawn into the hippies’ insane guilt trip, or whatever it was. He just kept stating the simple, sane facts:

    You’re leaving? “Yeah.”
    Why are you leaving? “We’re finished.”
    What are you finished with — this job? “Yeah.”
    What was the job? “To cover the recall.”
    And it’s over now? “Yeah.”

    Priceless! They’d have loved to start one of their idiotic “Shame! Shame!” rants on him. But he just kept giving sane replies to their belligerent questions, and they couldn’t find an opening.

    And then, finally, that great statement: “Eventually, the bus pulled away.” That line could be an epitaph for their whole movement: Eventually, the sanity bus pulls away. Better get on it, or be stuck in insane belligerent holier-than-thou hippie land.

    June 8, 2012 at 12:31 am

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