Tinley Park 5: anti racist action group “battle guide”, Occupy association and of course, Bill Ayers

(clockwise from left) Alex Stuck, 22; Cody Sutherlin, 23; Jason Sutherlin, 33; Dylan Sutherlin, 20 and John Tucker, 26

Further investigation of the “Tinley Park 5”:  Alex Stuck, 22; Cody Sutherlin, 23; Jason Sutherlin, 33; Dylan Sutherlin, 20 and John Tucker, 26  reveals interesting information. The five were allegedly part of a masked, hooded group of about 18 men and women who invaded a restaurant in Tinley Park, Illinois, with baseball bats, hammers and batons and beat patrons who they believed were part of a racist group. Other bystanders, in addition to the targeted group were injured, including an 80 year old woman, who was pushed to the ground.

The five men were part of the far left national Anti Racist Action Group (ARA) and the local arm, the Hoosier Anti Racist Movement (H.A.R.M).  The ARA actually has a guide or “how to” on carrying out such attacks in the most efficacious manner possible.  This and other actions can be found here.

The ARA also has some interesting connections to others in the far left. There appears a lot of red and black anarcho/communist association.

Last year they invited Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn to speak at their annual conference.

H.A.R.M. is now trying to raise money for those arrested.  H.A.R.M. notes that most of its members have been members of the Occupy movement.  Indeed Jason Sutherlin, according to the Blaze,  appears to have been associated with Occupy Bloomington and apparently had the twitter handle “812Gorilla” which tweeted a lot about Occupy and “anti-facists” topics. It should also be noted that “812” is the area code which includes Bloomington which lends further credence that this is in fact the correct Jason Sutherlin.  Further, although the account appears now to have been scrubbed, when Citizen Journalist checked it yesterday, it had been dark since May 17.

LadyLiberty1885 also found that some in Occupy are now also tweeting asking for support for the men.  OWS Tactical asks for people to donate to the “Tinley 5”  legal defense fund.

Image from H.AR.M’s Facebook:


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