St Louis Occupiers arrested for spray painting buildings, assaulting cops, property manager

At least 10 people were arrested on Thursday in St Louis after a march of about 30-40 people against “police brutality” led to spray painting local buildings and assaulting police.

The march began at about 9:30 at Keiner Plaza, the former location of the Occupy St Louis encampment, and continued through the downtown area. They were chanting on bullhorns around 10:30 pm.  During the march, members spray painted various slogans such as “Solidarity with all who resist!” and “Burn the Banks!”, including profanity,  on the Fifth Third Bank. Two blocks away, at 826 Olive, they also similarly vandalized The People’s National Bank.

At one point the property manager of the Fifth Third Bank came out and confronted the group and was assaulted by the vandals and struck in the head. Police responded and a scuffle ensued. In the scuffle, two officers were hit in the head and one was injured in the hand.

According to Erin Coleman, 20, one of the marchers, marchers didn’t intend to have this happen and they were not related to Occupy. Erin Coleman’s Facebook reveals that she is connected with Occupy St Louis and said that she would be attending Occupy the Midwest Regional conference (which had been held in St. Louis).

According to court records, Scott O’Rourke, 22, was charged with two felony counts of assault on a police officer. Four others — Laura Aquirre, 21, Nicole Banocy, 19, Jonathan Wilson, 24, and Cynthia West, 34 — face a misdemeanor charge each of resisting arrest. Bail amounts range from $500 for Wilson to $15,000 for O’Rourke.

Some protesters are in fact affiliated with the Occupy St. Louis group, said Margaret Ellinger-Locke, the lawyer for Wilson. According to “Occupy Updates”, they all were.

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