Occupy Black Bloc violence against SF Mission District and police

This is incredible video of the craziness of an Occupy Black Bloc action on April 30, 2012 in the Mission District in San Francisco. It was made by anarchists, and meant to be an inducement for others to join.

Citizen Journalist previously posted about this incident here with a video taken surreptiously from the middle of the black bloc.  This video however is much clearer.  This action grew out of an Occupy event at a local park. The event was called a “ruckus party” to protest “gentrification” in the neighborhood. At various points you can hear “all cops are bastards, ACAB”, “a anti anti capitalista”, “No more pigs in our community-Off the pigs!”, “The system has got to die, Hella, Hella, Occupy!” “Occupy will not be stopped, especially by some fucking cop”.  “The revolution has come!”

Black bloc is a tactic, it is not a group. Occupiers have used the black bloc tactic (dressing in black to make it harder to id them) in many cities. It was used prior to Occupy and since by other anarchists.

Many Occupiers claimed that they were not involved, that this was “infiltrators”.  But tweets on the evening show the presence of regular occupiers.  There were some who were not approving. There were others, like the man you see on the video, who thought destruction was ok, as long as it was only “specific people”, i.e. the rich.

This violence included attacking a police station, local small businesses, cars(including a beat up van) and homes. Yes, homes as well. One infamous tweet from the night noted rocks being thrown through someone’s window and children crying in response.  They attack a police car at ~ 1:30 and try to set it on fire.

We noted how Sparrow Media, who does media for Occupy, celebrated the attack on the police station calling it “glorious destruction” 

Other tweets from the night showing the destruction

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  1. nonviolentconflict

    Reblogged this on NonviolentConflict.

    May 24, 2012 at 4:49 pm

  2. silly bill

    these punks r lucky they`re in california, a liberal banckrupt state that does not adhere to the united states consitution. had this happened in indiana, or even my home town, a countless many of them would`ve been buried by now. nothing positive will come from anarchy, only death and destruction.

    May 24, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    • only death and destruction eh? how many people have been killed by a black bloc? Zero. and what has capitalism brought us…? Death and destruction on a global scale… and you’d still bitch and moan about a few broken windows and some scared yuppies?

      May 26, 2012 at 5:22 am

  3. Awesome work by the black bloc militants in SF. People need a living example of resistance in action for them to emulate when they decide to act. It happened in Greece 2008-09… thousands of youths hit the streets and engaged in rioting after police shot and killed an anarchist youth in Athens. They adopted the same tactics and techniques as anarchists had been using for some two decades prior, usually as a small minority. But when the social rebellion erupted, the youth did what they had seen being done. They probably grew up watching anarchist riots on the news. It wasn’t just rioting–there were general assemblies and occupations of schools and other buildings. These were also methods used by anarchists for many years.
    The #Spanish Revolution was based largely on anarchist methods, part of a Spanish tradition dating back to the 1936 Revolution/Civil War and earlier. As you may know, the Occupy movement derived its methods, in turn, from the Spanish example.
    Anarchism has never been a pacifist movement, although some were. The movement has always been very diverse with a wide range of beliefs, forms of organizing, tactics, and strategies. It cannot simply be described as a violent movement, either, because it encompasses a wide array of other activities–from planting gardens to establishing childcare, from bookstores to book publishing, from street theatre to urban insurrection.
    Contrary to the claims of some, black bloc militants participate in many other projects besides street actions. They are often the ones building the infrastructure for autonomous self-organization, which even the black bloc is an example of.
    Every resistance movement needs to have a broad and diverse array of groups and people participating in it. There is no one correct way, rather it is the plurality inherent in popular movements that enables them to grow and become strong. And one of those strengths is the militants.
    Some people might join a resistance for ideological reasons, but many will not join a resistance if they do not believe it has a chance of success. Many of these people are even now observing the struggles and conflicts taking place, just as they did in Greece. Overall, I think, most oppressed people’s opinions of the Left, of Occupy, of anarchists, etc., is that they are weak. They have no chance of winning against the state. When militant actions such as the black bloc are successful, they can inspire those among the population who are not inspired by political rhetoric, texts, or pacifist protests.
    Sure, militant actions don’t appeal to everyone. But neither does pacifism.
    In Solidarity

    May 26, 2012 at 5:58 am

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