NATO terrorist suspects plotted attacks on Obama HQ, Rahm Emmanuel’s home and police targets

According to CBS Local Chicago:

These individuals charged today are self-proclaimed anarchists who traveled together from Florida to the Chicago area,” said Cook County State’s Anita Alvarez. “Their intent was to commit terrorist acts of violence and destruction during the NATO Conference.”

Specifically, Alvarez said the group planned to attack police cars and four Chicago Police stations with “destructive devices.” The attacks on police were intended to be a diversionary tactic to undermine the police response to other attacks, Alvarez said.

“Some of the proposed targets included the campaign headquarters of President Barack Obama, the home of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and certain downtown financial institutions,” Alvarez said.

The group also allegedly was conducting surveillance on Chicago Police Headquarters.

“They also employed police counter-measures such as manufacturing a shield with protruding nails, and police also seized an assault mask, gas mask equipment, and other gear to help hide their identity during their operations,” Alvarez said. “At one point in the investigation, defendant Church stated that he also wanted to buy several assault rifles, and indicated that if a police officer was going to point a gun at him, then he would be pointing one back at a police officer.”

The defendants also produced Molotov cocktails out of old beer bottles filled with gasoline and capped with cut bandannas as fuses, Alvarez said.

“As they prepared and plotted how they would use the Molotov cocktails, defendant church at one point asked his co-defendants if he had ever seen a ‘cop on fire,’ as he discussed throwing a Molotov cocktail into the 9th District Chicago Police station,” Alvarez said.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, one suspect said, “The city doesn’t know what it is in for”.

On Wednesday, members of the Chicago Police Department’s Organized Crime Division raided a Bridgeport apartment at 1013 W. 32nd Street where the protesters were staying, seizing four Molotov cocktails and arresting nine people.

They executed a “no knock” search warrant that allows officers in extraordinary circumstances to enter a home without first announcing their office, authorities said.

The officers seized a mortar gun, swords, a crossbow, a throwing star, ninja knives, knives with brass-knuckle handles and written plans for the assembly of pipe bombs, prosecutors said.

The alleged anarchists planned to use torn bandanas jammed into gasoline-filled beer bottle bombs as fuses, prosecutors said.

They allegedly planned to attack four police stations with the Molotov cocktails in hopes of slowing down the police response to the higher-profile attacks.


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