Chen’s nephew arrested allegedly in reprisal for his escape

According to ChinaAid Association, a  US-based human rights group, Chen Kegui,  the nephew of Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng, has been arrested on suspicion of murder. It says the arrest was made in revenge for Chen Guangcheng’s actions.

The arrest took place in Shandong Province on Wednesday. The nephew’s lawyer told the group that the nephew wounded 3 intruders at his home after noticing his parents had been beaten. More than 20 people who were allegedly local officials invaded the home following Chen’s escape from house arrest.

According to NHK World:

The group says if convicted, Chen’s nephew could face the death penalty. It says the arrest is a reprisal against his uncle and that a fair trial cannot be expected. It condemns Shandong authorities and urges the United States and other countries to press China on the matter.

The blind activist told NHK by telephone that he had been informed of his nephew’s arrest by his mother in Shandong Province, adding that his brother is also being threatened. Hesaid he wants to appeal through the media for their safety.

The US government said on Thursday that it had conveyed its concern to Chinese authorities about reports of the arrest of Chen’s nephew.  The Chinese government has not issued any comment.


According to Reuters:

Chen, who is now receiving treatment in a Beijing hospital and preparing to go to the United States to study, said his nephew was a scapegoat of officials angered by Chen’s audacious escape and demands that they be investigated.

Asked why police in his home province of Shandong in east China would arrest his nephew, Chen said, “Revenge.”

“I think this is revenge gone wild, and it’s their final battle,” he told Reuters by telephone from the Beijing hospital where he is being kept.

Citing descriptions from relatives, Chen said his nephew acted in self-defense, picking up a kitchen cleaver after police and guards stormed into the home of Chen’s older brother, where he was staying, after midnight.

“They beat him savagely,” Chen said of his nephew. “He was beaten so badly that his face was covered in blood. I heard he was beaten so badly that three hours later his face was still bleeding,” Chen said,

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