TeaMp0isoN crew hit with arrests

The hacking group known as #TeaMpOisoN is suffering from three recent arrests. On April 12, their leader, “TriCk”, 17,  and another 16 year old were arrested in the UK   On Wednesday evening, the “spokesperson” of the group, “MLT”, also 17, was arrested by Scotland Yard in Newcastle, England.  MLT’s twitter account has been silent since that time. Last night in St Petersburg, Russia,  a 28 year old man was arrested who is believed to be “Phantom”-another #TeaMpOisoN crew member, according to Softpedia

TeaMpOisoN is one of the groups under the greater umbrella of Anonymous.  TeaMpOisoN  has been responsible for numerous actions including breaking into the websites of Panasonic, the United Nations and the Australian Government, as well as breaching an email account with private data about Tony Blair.  Perhaps their  most notorious act was the alleged  “phone bombing” of MI6 – sending out a script to continuously call the intelligence agency for 24 hours, effectively working as a phone distributed denial of service.  TriCk claimed the reason for the phone bombing was because the group objected to the extradition of Islamic terrorism suspects from the UK to the US.  It was after this that the two teenagers were arrested in April.

TeaMpOisoN also allegedly attacked websites they viewed as critical of Islam.  They claimed to have hacked “Zionist” Facebook pages on New Year’s Eve last year.  “ALLAH U AKBAR,” they wrote. “Great start to 2011, hacked over 1000 Racist/Zionist Facebook Pages in 1 day.”

During the riots in England last year, Blackberry Messenger service was believed to be used by looters for collaboration.  The maker of Blackberry, Research in Motion promised cooperation with the police and government.  In response   TeaMp0isoN reportedly defaced the official BlackBerry blogs, saying “We are all for the rioters that are engaging in attacks on the police and government.”


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