More Occupy assaults on cops in LA on May Day (videos)

On May Day, one of the most brutal acts of violence committed by Occupiers was a female police officer being hit in the back of the head with a snare drum by an Occupier. She was about 5’1″; he was 6′ and a hefty character.  She amazingly stayed on her feet despite the cheap shot, and continued her job,  although it was later found that she had a concussion.

This incident came out of a bad situation where Occupiers began surrounding police, being very aggressive and threatening.  This was not the only incident of violence. Here are two more videos which show other assaults. In the first video, you can see:

-at 1:23 woman yelling “fuck the police” and the crowd taking up the chant

-another attack by two people running into four cops with a huge wooden pallette/sign, using it as a weapon at 2:40. It is so forceful, one cop’s helmet is knocked off and he goes down.  Cops turn around and swing batons in the air, as cameras go off-you know that it would likely be presented as “police brutality” and only the swinging batons shown.

-the man with the snare drum running after hitting the female officer at 2:58

– an officer hit by a plastic water bottle as some occupiers incongruously chant “we are peaceful”

– one can hear the crack of the hit as a tall black clothed occupier whacks another officer in the head with a red and yellow skateboard at 3:15

This second video shows the same action from another angle and shows the officer hit in the middle by the water bottle at :39 and the skateboard attack more clearly at :41

In both however, you can see the dangerous situation the police were facing.


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