Supporter: “OWS is worthwhile because it may cause a kid to drop out”

The Village Voice seems to have flipped on OWS, with another story appearing to mock them.

It starts with a big banner:





Then the VV then goes on to discuss why it is difficult to take OWS seriously, citing the following comment from an OWS supporter, “Mantelln”,  who talks about the difference that OWS makes, because it may cause a kid to drop out:

Dude, you should think about the shit you are saying and how irrelevant to important issues and culturally biased your opinions are and how press like this is worthless.

Back in the good old days of America, people would have shot those cops and burned the banks (if good old Americans hadn’t been such racist imperialists…).

Sleepin on the sidewalk can make a difference, btw. Some kid sees that and thinks, wow fuck all you lame punk assed suits, I wanna drop out! Why should people work so hard in this country when half of the work is bullshit designed to make some douche bag you don’t agree with rich, and the other half goes to killing or enslaving people in developing countries to make some other douche bag rich?

VV then winds up:

As we pointed out yesterday, not every member of the OWS movement advocates killing cops. Nor do they all think working hard is “bullshit.” But some apparently do, which makes the movement as a whole look ridiculous. In other words, any point OWS may have is immediately lost when idiots like “Mantelln” open their mouths (or bite cops, dress like hobos, sleep in the street, or dump buckets of feces and urine in lower Manhattan).

Sure, we’d love to live in a fantasy land where nobody has to work, nobody has to shower, and unicorns farting rainbows are galloping down Broadway. Unfortunately, this is the real world — and when you start advocating laziness and killing cops, you tend to lose a little credibility.


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