Occupy: More militancy coming and ‘Summer Disobedience School”

“Take your rules, we don’t need them, all we want is total freedom” -Occupy anarchist chant, Seattle. Credit Foolish Reporter

Now that May Day is done, where does Occupy go from here?

They bragged with great hyperbole about May Day bringing “the greatest shutdown NYC has ever seen” and initially threatening to shut down the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. But they had to back off the plan to shut down the Bridge, when it turned out they wouldn’t have union support(translation wouldn’t have the numbers necessary to blockade it). And the “greatest shutdown ever seen” turned out to be not any kind of a shutdown at all.

Many newspapers are openly scoffing at them, even the Village Voice, the great liberal alternative in NYC, which paper had been very supportive of them.

Yet, in some sense, this is the bit of the dangerous time. It, in a sense, parallels the 70s, when realizing that protest was limited, people either moved to work within the system, such as by running for elected office, like Tom Hayden, or moved to act in more militant directions, a la the Weather Underground and Bill Ayers(now something of a mentor to Occupiers).

Marisa Holmes- professional activist, member of the SDS, and major OWS organizer- said  “May Day will be the big kickoff of Phase 2 of Occupy.  I think we will see a lot of people in the streets taking more militant actions than they had in the past.”

May Day did bring a rash of violence from somewhat minimal exchanges in NY with the biting of a cop and some vandalism to full-on riots in San Francisco and Seattle, and the bomb threat in Cleveland.

Yet capitalism was still there at the end of the day.

In discussions afterward, some Occupy/Anonymous twitter accounts seemed to speak of the fact that they were not succeeding at changing anything, that they needed to  move beyond simple protests into more militant action.

What “militant action” may mean is of course open to interpretation. But we see in the Cleveland bombing case where some Occupiers went. If you need to kill people to allegedly free them, it could be that there is something off in your calculation.

Unicorn slaying cop-“Anything is possible!”. Credit Foolish Reporter

This summer, the OWS Direct Action Group launches “Summer Disobedience School”:

We’ve completed Spring Training – and we’re moving and communicating in the streets like never before. Now we take our fight to sites of injustices throughout NYC, gradually building a culture of radical non-violent disobedience. We’ll be disrupting banks, corporations and the state all summer long, starting with the crooks in mid-town. We graduate as a full-on revolutionary force September 17th: City-Wide Shut Down!

“Non-violent” is also an interesting term. To most of us, we understand what that means. But to many Occupiers, non violent means not attacking people. Thus, attacking property would be okay. Also attacking police for example who are arresting you, that’s fine too. “De-arresting” people(fighting cops to get an arrestee back)=also not violent because you didn’t “attack” first. It also seems to be perfectly fine to do everything to precipitate a police response,  all the while yelling “this is a peaceful protest”. This extends even to threatening to “doxing” cops, and spilling their private lives onto the internet in revenge. This has been done already in multiple cases, with the assistance of Anonymous.  In one case, they leaked naked pictures of a female officer.

While many Occupiers are in fact peaceful, many others also have a belief in “diversity of tactics”, meaning they leave their options open to ways other than peace. Thus some are black bloc anarchists ready to smash things up.

Many believe the changing of the society has to come up from the proletariat rioting in the streets. They’ve tried it in Spain and in Greece. They are intent on having it happen here, so expect to see more attempts over the summer and the run up to the election. Some tough things may be coming.

But America is a unique creature, built on the power of the individual. The nature of its character is not the collective, but that enduring independent spirit.

One may try, but it will not be overwhelmed so easily.


4 responses

  1. Good work! i have a piece on my blog that deals with the rot of cultural marxism due to “Critical Theory” that they’ve been using for a long while. I do think that the tactics in Spain and Greece will be replicated here because they are all in the same club. I actually don’t fully understand the link between “Black Bloc Anarchists” with the radical leftist Marxists though. How can they work together if one wants no government and the other wants an all-encompassing gov’t? Any thoughts?

    May 6, 2012 at 3:58 am

    • BeukendaalMason

      I’m thinking both groups want to see the “downfall of the current Government/Society” and are willing to work together for that end. If the Government/Society does collapse I think you would see the Black Bloc and the Marxists then turn on each other like rabid dogs to try to gain dominance and “rebuild” in their own vision. It is an alliance of convenience both thinking that they will then be able to destroy the other in the end.

      May 6, 2012 at 12:15 pm

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    May 7, 2012 at 6:40 am

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