Inside Black Bloc-violence, superheroes, clowns, incendiary devices and one Foolish Reporter

Police responding to incendiary devices. Credit Foolish Reporter

Seattle had some of the most intense action of a violence laden May Day yesterday.

Officers seized homemade incendiary devices and bags of feces in downtown Seattle and made several arrests, after a group of men and women dressed all in black–known as a “Black Bloc”–used sticks, smoke bombs and improvised incendiary devices, rocks, paint, hammers, and tire irons to damage vehicles and businesses Tuesday afternoon.  There was such violence Mayor Mike McGinn has also issued an emergency order giving officers the authority to seize anything that could be used as a weapon during the demonstration.

Amongst the multiple arrests were three for assault on a police officer. A reporter was hit with a paint bomb and a cameraman was assaulted while trying to take pictures at the Federal Courthouse which had windows smashed. The cameraman, Richard Departee,  spoke out to King5 and his video can be seen here:

“I found myself in with a group of black, kinda Gestapo-looking thugs – face masks and dark glasses – I think as soon as they saw me it was like ‘Hey get out of here, you know, scum,’ and started pushing me,” he said.

Departee said he backed off and then three or four of the people turned around and surrounded him and shoved him back.

“Then one guy took his one-inch dowel, a wooden pole with the red flag … he just took it back and popped me in the face,” said Departee.

The day was so crazy that it needed crime fighter superheroes, apparently in the form of Phoenix Jones, a man who dresses up and fights crime who lives in the area. He was assisted by a similarly masked sidekick.

Foolish Reporter was on the scene, observing all the action.  He actually managed to move within the black bloc to report on the action and get some amazing pictures that can be seen here. He watched the blocs getting ready, some protesters dressing up or getting made up like clowns. He also observed the cameraman being assaulted:

“I was behind him when that happened. I just saw bodies flailing and him getting tossed to the ground.  He got back up and kept going”, Foolish Reporter said. “But there was another photog who almost came to blows with two of them before march even started.. The Black bloc was spoiling for a fight”

He noted that the violence mostly seemed to come from the Black Bloc and the Queer Bloc. He watched an incendiary device being set off that went off with a loud report, and clowns surrounding and blocking a car.   He also narrowly missed getting hit by a rock that rebounded off a window.

Here is a video of some of the action he observed at the courthouse. Video by Seattle PI.

To see the unicorn-yes, there was a unicorn too- go to Foolish Reporter’s pictures here


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