Schedule of events throughout May 1

Occupy Schedule in NYC here:

Likely trouble spots – the 99 Pickets against various businesses, which are organized as small group actions and may be uncontrolled.

Also actions that are not yet formally announced that will happen later in the day.

Notice CWA the New York Writer’s Guild as being supportive of protests.

Also New York Communities for Change and Working Families Party-both rebranded ACORN

Various Socialist and Communist organizations

Pro Palestinian organizations



Occupy DC schedule here with a march to the White House.

The broad coalition sees their differing backgrounds as a strength. The “celebration of the diversity of cultures of resistance” will, in the words of Occupy DC Labor Committee coordinator Mike Golash, show “solidarity in the fight against capitalism.” Nancy Munoz, an organizer from the Anarchist Alliance DC Network, said: “We believe through our participation in the May Day actions we will raise the level of awareness by educating people and showing solidarity with other organizations.” She added: “[we will] empower society and help them understand that they can organize themselves in the fight against the establishment.

Don’t miss the Radical Cheerleaders!


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