Early May Day reports

Early reports on May Day action so far:

In NY:

White powder was sent to seven locations in Manhattan, including Wells Fargo branches and reportedly the Mayor. Threatening notes were attached:

“This is a reminder that you are not in control,” said a message that arrived with the envelopes. “Just in case you needed some incentive to stop working we have a little surprise for you. Think fast you have seconds.

All the powder was tested and turned out to be non toxic, according to police.  It caused evacuations of the banks, but there were no injuries.

The police believed San Francisco-based Wells Fargo might have been targeted for white powder mailings because about half of a key dozen Occupy Wall Street members have backgrounds in Oakland, San Francisco and Berkeley, and similar incidents occurred in California earlier this week, police sources said.

In the New York cases, the envelopes mainly appear to have reached low-level workers at the bank branches.

“Apparently, the message was aimed at the mail room workers among the ’99 percent,'” New York police spokesman Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told ABC News.

The envelopes, believed intended for May Day delivery, evidently arrived at the banks early, according to police.

“They underestimated the efficiency of the U.S. Postal Service,” one official said.

Occupy members denied responsibility for the action

In the Mission District in San Francisco:

Reports are that between 50 and 60 black bloc members rampaged through the area around Dolores Park (where Occupy SF was having a early “Occupy Party” for May Day) smashing  “mom and pop” businesses and cars along the street.

Protesters damaged windows and doors of businesses including restaurants Monday evening following an early May Day protest that started at Dolores Park. The Mission Police Station building and Locanda restaurant were also paint-bombed.

Police said that they have received 500 calls with reports of damage and officers are patrolling the streets after dispersing the crowd at 14th and Mission streets.

See more here

There were also two reported car accidents involving police vehicles responding to the violence. It is not known what injuries may have resulted at this time.

Some Occupy twitter accounts denied occupy involvement, while others professed shock at the violence.

We will be updating information throughout the day as we hear it.

Update: Video taken surreptiously which is why it is unclear in spots. Also why I am mirroring it. A live streamer had been threatened already. Guide to video: ACAB= All Cops are Bastards. A in circle is Anarchy symbol. You can hear things being smashed throughout the video but at 8:50 or so you can see an art gallery being smashed.



Update: ABC TV video of some of destruction here


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