Anonymous defaces site of International Police Association

Anonymous took credit for attacking the International Police Association (IPA) website today, defacing it with angry messages. As of this evening, the site remains defaced.

While stating that they did it for “lulz”, they also suggested that they may have taken sensitive data from the site.

The defaced page contains the following message:

“oHai [hello]… International Police Association (International Admin Center) you will see we haz [had] some #LULZ at your expense maybe you will fix your security issues and of course… we always recommend you NOT store admin passwords in PLAINTEXT For a site like International Police Association… w3 [we] really expected moar [more]… #LULZ the thin…”

According to Wikipedia, the International Police Association is the largest organization for police officers in the world and has approximately 400,000 members in 64 countries. Its stated purpose is to encourage cooperation among police officers of the world.

This attack was allegedly part of a stated effort against police, known as #FuckFBIFriday, which has involved attacks on law enforcement sites over the past several months. These attacks have involved everything from hacking and stealing info to DDOS.  Recently, with the slew of Anonymous arrests, including those of Higinio Ochoa (“Wormer”) and John Anthony Borrell III (ItsKahuna), for a period of time, #FFF attacks had seemed to slow or stop.


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