Occupy Portland: 15 year old arrested and cameraman asaulted

After an attempt by Occupy Portland to re occupy Chapman Square Park,  they were kicked out by police. In response, they aggressively harangued the police:

After police left, at around 2 am, a 15 year old occupier, who had earlier been verbally abusing the police, removed fencing around the park, destroying public property.  The cameraman, who is not affiliated with Occupy and saw the crime, tells the police.  The other occupiers claim he didn’t do it, although the video clearly shows he did.  The cameraman is then attacked and threatened.

Local news, The Oregonian, noted the 15 year old boy was found and arrested while he was climbing the elk statue.









He was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespassing, criminal mischief and interfering with police. He was also cited for violating city codes. He was released to his mother.

The Oregonian, quoting the police, said:

 “On that corner, demonstrators became mildly aggressive and repeatedly threatened that the real confrontation would happen on May Day (May 1st),” the press release said. “May Day is traditionally an opportunity for labor groups and activists to peacefully protest throughout Portland.”


Police also said they took the threats about protesting on May Day as the group’s intention to protest on May 1, and that sources have said that some groups are interested in causing “more extreme civil unrest through more direct, disruptive action.”



One response

  1. Portland, a bastion of liberals and liberalism, is getting EXACTLKY what it sowed!

    April 24, 2012 at 4:26 pm

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