Anonymous/Cabin Cr3w member, @It’sKahuna, arrested

John Anthony Borrell III, aka @It’sKahuna on Twitter, was arrested by the FBI and charged with two counts of computer intrusion in violation of 18 U.S.C.§1030(a)(5)(A).

These charges concerned hacking a Utah Police Chiefs’ website as well as the website of the Salt Lake City Police Department in January 2012.

Borrell, 21,  was allegedly part of “Cabin Cr3w”, a hacker sub group of Anonymous which has been responsible for the online attacking of law enforcement agencies, sometimes in reaction to various Occupy related police confrontations.

Police were able to link Borrell through connections to work and neighbors’  IP addresses. They also were able to obtain information from Twitter which included his picture sent to another person in anonymous.

Borrell is just one of many recent Anonymous arrests.  Recent arrests included “Sabu”(Hector Monsegur), who became an informant for the FBI, and “wormer”(Higinio Ochoa)(who was also a member of the “Cabin Cr3w”).

Borrell is also noted in the FBI complaint as offering to become an informant for them.

See full indictment and complaint here:

Borell was arrested March 20 and has been detained in Ohio. Each count carries up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Authorities in early February had said the hackers who attacked the Salt Lake City Police Department website gained access to citizen complaints about drugs and other crimes, including phone numbers, addresses and other personal data of informants.

The police website was just recently restored after additional security measures were added.

Anonymous was also involved in an attack on the Boston police in retaliation for “police brutality at OWS,” an apparent reference to the Occupy Wall Street movement. The message also promised “there is plenty more mayhem to deliver.”

HT to @TomRyanBlog for indictment/complaint.


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