Police arrive at Occupy sidewalk encampment

We introduced you to the OWS encampment on the sidewalk at Broad and Wall Street yesterday.


More pictures of the encampment today, with police apparently arriving on scene:

You can see the encampment takes up a substantial part of the sidewalk, and appears to be a messy jumble of boxes, blankets, books and other items

No sooner do we write of the blossoming site on the sidewalks of NY (well at least the 15-30 people, but lots of stuff!), then police arrive around 5:30 pm today. Some campers fled the scene as the police arrived.

As they saw the arrival of the police and OWS leaving, several neighbors, who suffered through last fall’s occupation, watched with glee and relief.

“This is a ridiculous replay of the health and safety abuses we suffered for months from the Occupy Wall Street campout in Zuccotti Park,” said one resident who lives on Liberty Street one block away from the sleeping bags on Broad St.  “It’s absurd I have to take my young children to school in the morning by walking over guys illegally camping out in sleeping bags and smoking pot. The mayor doesn’t seem to care that this is a residential neighborhood, not a political convention center for ragtag activists”

Update: Police are allowing them to sleep there for now, but without furniture, only sleeping bags. OWS is calling for “500 more” reinforcements to join them.  Upon hearing that they might remain, some neighbors were distressed, fearful of having all the same problems come back.  One neighbor also spoke of prior threats some had experienced for commenting to media in past. “We’ve been told, ‘We know who you are and we’re watching you'”.

Update: Turns out the “500” didn’t show.  Only about 20 people bedded down for the night.


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