And then there’s the Ether Bunny..

Police Arrest ‘Easter Bunny’ On Drug Charges

Danville PD: Pills Seized From Man In Easter Bunny Costume

DANVILLE, Va. — A man who was working as the Easter Bunny at Danville’s Piedmont Mall was arrested Friday after police said he was caught with pills without a valid prescription.


Joshua Bolling

Joshua Bolling

According to the Danville Police Department, 24-year-old Joshua Lee Bolling was charged with illegally possessing prescription narcotics.

The investigation began after police said they received complaints from mall businesses and management of behavior suggestive of possible criminal drug activity involving the man working as the Easter Bunny.

Police said that Bolling was a contract worker for an outside company providing the Easter activities and was not employed by Piedmont Mall.

Bolling was asked to accompany officers away from the public area where he was working and he was escorted to a private changing area where he removed his costume and was arrested, officers said.

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