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Pictures of OWS Anniversary

Birthday cake.

Pro Palestinian Marxist

Credit @blulaces

Credit @DefendWallSt

Tourists checking out the spectacle.

Om circle at Zuccotti

Credit @heatherb

Baby in Che shirt
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Unoccupy Palestine

Anarchy clowns

Bain Capital Monster

Occupier arrested in rape, attempted murder of fellow Occupier, also charged in rape of 14 year old girl

Occupier Jackie Barcliff, 44,  was arrested Friday, after turning himself in, after being sought in a brutal rape this past week.

The 56-year-old female victim was forced to go with her attacker to a section of the Pier 15 park overlooking the East River, raped and then thrown over a 20 foot high second-story railing. She suffered a broken pelvis and other serious injuries.  She was found about 2 a.m. Monday morning. Her pants and underwear had been removed,

Platform from which the woman was thrown to the concrete below

After he turned himself in, Barcliff was also charged with raping a 14 year old girl on August 12 after offering her a place to stay for the night. He now faces two charges of first degree rape and an attempted murder charge.

According to ABC local news, an Occupy press spokesperson says it’s a terrible incident that should be investigated thoroughly and handled fairly.

According to a lengthy police statement, quoted in the Village Voice,  Barcliff, who has been a regular fixture at OWS protests, was previously arrested in December 2011 at Zuccotti Park for assault, resisting arrest and trying to escape. He got sentenced to 200 days in jail, a district attorney spokesperson said.  Barcliff was held on Rikers Island four times over the past two years, including 120 days on the resisting arrest conviction starting on Feb. 24. He was released on June 25.

In the following video, taken in November 2011, you can see Barcliff around 2:30 engaging and goading police, ultimately getting arrested at around10:30. Occupiers shout “Shame, Shame” at police for arresting him.  One protester yells, “This isn’t Hitler, this isn’t Germany.”  Then, people start yelling, “The whole world is watching.”

Occupier allegedly raped at South Street Seaport

Platform area from which the woman fell.











A 45 year old Occupy Member was raped and thrown off of a 20 foot railing near the South Street Seaport on Monday.

The woman fell on concrete and broke her femur and pelvis in the fall. She is reportedly in serious condition. She reported to police she had been sexually assaulted and then thrown from the railing.
She apparently knew her attacker, but it is unclear at this point whether the attacker is also with Occupy.  She says the attacker was a a black man who stands approximately 5-foot-eight inches tall, weighs 230 pounds and has dreadlocks.
Justin Wedes, who is with OWS, claimed not to have heard of this incident prior to it being reported in the Metro.

Occupy Cleveland bomb suspects’ supporters attend court wearing “anarchy” flag pins

Yesterday, three men, Connor Stevens, Brandon Baxter and Douglas Wright, who had been part of Occupy Cleveland, plead guilty in the plot to blow up the Ohio 82 bridge in Cleveland as part of the May 1 actions in Cleveland.  One man, Anthony Hayne,  previously cut a deal and plead guilty in July. One, Joshua Stafford,  is still awaiting trial.

In the following picture, one can see Gail Stevens, mother of suspect Connor Stevens speaking with WKYC news. Notice the pins that the people behind her are wearing.

Gail Stevens, mother of bomb suspect Connor Stevens. Credit Wkyc

A red/black flag with a 4. The “4” is for the suspects(except for the one who cut the deal) and the red and black flag is generally understood to represent anarcho-communism(or socialism). The people supporting the suspects at the courthouse included members of Occupy Cleveland.

3 Occupy Cleveland bomb suspects plead guilty

Three men who were part of Occupy Cleveland and who were described by authorities as domestic terrorists, pleaded guilty Wednesday to trying to blow up the Ohio 82 bridge that spans the Cuyahoga River Valley in April.

Brandon Baxter, 20, of Lakewood, Connor Stevens, 20, of Berea, and Douglas Wright, 26, of Indianapolis entered their pleas and will be sentenced Nov. 5 and 6. Prosecutors said Wednesday that they will ask for life terms in prison. Defense lawyers will ask for five years.

They had been scheduled to go to trial Sept. 18 before U.S. District Judge David Dowd in Akron.  The pleas mean the suspects will drop their intended defenses of entrapment. Their attorneys had claimed that an FBI informant walked them through the crime.

A fourth suspect, Anthony Hayne, 35, of Cleveland, pleaded guilty earlier in July and he cooperated with prosecutors against his compatriots.  A fifth suspect, Joshua Stafford, 23, of Cleveland, is undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

The five men, self-proclaimed anarchists according to the authorities, were charged with planting what they believed were actual bombs at the Ohio 82 bridge that spans the national park between Brecksville and Sagamore Hills Township.

FBI agents reported that they foiled the plot with the help of an informant by supplying the men with fake plastic explosives and arresting the five on April 30 as they tried to detonate the explosives with a cellphone. The defense is claiming that the informant “cultivated” the defendants by buying them marijuana and alcohol and “nutured” the men into the plot, according to Terry Gilbert, attorney for Connor Stevens. The attorneys for Wright and Baxter echoed this sentiment. John Pyle, the attorney for Baxter, said the “men couldn’t blow their own noses, let alone blow up a bridge”.

Authorities dismissed this claim, noting the suspects selected the site to attack, bought what they believed were explosives in a hotel room and dug holes at the foot of the bridge to place the devices. He also said they went to a restaurant and tried to set off the bomb with a cellphone.

Authorities said the public was never in danger because the alleged “explosives” were inoperable and controlled by an undercover agent.

Supporters of the men, including some members of Occupy Cleveland were in attendance outside the courthouse. Some supporters wore shirts that said “Expose Entrapment”.  Stevens’ brother, Colin, read a statement in supporting the suspects. He called the case “a complex and deeply disturbing picture of political oppression by the state.”

DNC delegate allegedly defects to Occupy

A  DNC delegate allegedly defected from DNC after the debacle over the “God/Israel” in the platform vote.

Anti-capitalist Occupy anarchists cause havoc against banks in Oakland (updated)

A group that included Occupy Oakland members, radical gay activists and other anarchists created havoc in Oakland after a march yesterday.

The march was organized after they found out that Oakland had a fee to enter the gay pride event held on Sunday. The rioters apparently wanted to “take action against the commercialization of their life struggle”,  according to one local participant account.

The group utilized black bloc tactics, dressing alike in black to make it harder to identify them and smashed windows and ATMs in the financial district.

According to PFailBlog, a local anarchist blog:

The targeted property destruction, seen in the video above, is inspired by the violence perpetrated on a daily basis by capitalism & it’s banks. The main target seemed to be Bank of America, as it sustained substantial damage to it’s front windows and ATMs. All machines were left unusable, sending a firm message to the institution that the people are rising up and fighting back.

There were further unconfirmed reports of anarchists taking down a fence, struggling with police to keep fellow members from being arrested and attacking a police car. Those reports cannot be confirmed at this time.

No arrests or injuries occurred and marchers dispersed about an hour after the start of the action.


Update with more details from Mercury News:

According to the Mercury News, about 50 to 60 marchers, several of whom covered their faces with pink bandannas, amassed at Snow Park at 5:30 p.m. and tried unsuccessfully to crash the gate at the Pride Festival, which was taking place in Oakland’s Uptown District. Around the same time, police said several agitators smashed windows and ATMs at the nearby Bank of America branch at 300 Lakeside Drive.

The marchers continued to move through city streets for the next hour, tagging several buildings and spray painting an anarchist symbol on a police vehicle. They dispersed about 6:30 p.m., police said. No arrests were made.

Much of the graffiti vandalism was still visible Monday morning.

The Sears at Broadway and 20th Street was tagged with red spray paint that read “Destroy Capitalism” and “Queer Riots Now.” A vacant building on the corner of 19th and Broadway was tagged with “Queer Revolt.”

Less than a block down on Broadway, the Community Bank of the Bay was tagged with an anarchy symbol and the words, “Queers: Burn Banks.”

Gesturing at police. Credit anarchist at PFailBlog


Final words and pictures from protest at RNC

Citizen Journalist has already noted the Occupy’s disappointment with their time at the RNC.

But we had a few more words and photos for you.

1. Small number of  protesters at RNC

There were under 200 protesters there from multiple groups, only about 60 from Occupy. This was not just a function of the hurricane. This is a function and evidence of the dwindling onto death of any real numbers on the street for Occupy events. 60-after busing people in and advertising for months. Most of the rest of the 200 or so folks were the “professional activists” that attend all such events-Veterans for Peace, Code Pink, and various other anarchist, leftist and union groups.

Of the 200, there was also the unusual appearance of Scientologists, pushing Way to Happiness brochures and trying to evangelize to the protesters. I’m willing to guess that they were not received particularly well. Scientology has a big base nearby in Clearwater, and apparently couldn’t resist the temptation of groups of people anticipated.

2. Nature of protests

In Tampa as in many of the Occupy groups, the remaining people in the groups tend to be the “professional activist”, the white upper/middle class student playing at living in the park, and the mentally ill/homeless/drug addict contingent.  The media tends to ignore these aspects of Occupy, particularly the latter contingent.  Yet it is this makeup that is one of the reasons for constant friction and failure to get anything done.

Media tends to push the impression of the high minded protester focused on bailouts and money in politics. But that is not a clear picture of Occupy now, if it ever was.

As Tina Trent noted in Front Pagewhat did they do at their camp at Voice of Freedom Park?

they turned the site into a self-important summer camp for their own adolescent preoccupations and hobbies: beer-brewing, puppet-making, endless general assemblies, craft sessions for making furniture out of trash, clown lessons, a scavenger hunt, lectures on things like “Voudou and the Haitian Revolution,” and, most jarringly, a screening of the French art-film, The Gleaners and I, which celebrates the insights of well-off dropouts who choose to dumpster dive in order to express anarchic fellowship with actually poor people who dumpster dive in order to eat.

Not that the Occupiers are dumpster diving.  They are relentlessly demanding donations to subsidize their camps and complaining that people aren’t giving them enough money to support their cause.

It is difficult to imagine more offensively self-referential or narcissistic behavior.  Occupiers and Food Not Bombers in peasant skirts sit cross-legged decorating bits of scrap metal with poster paint, while homeless men sit on stoops outside boarded-up businesses watching them.  In the end, city sanitation workers will clean up after the aging children, and real homeless people will reclaim the park.

3. Occupy Tampa -days are numbered

Now that the convention is over, Occupy Tampa will be booted out of Voice of Freedom Park. They had been allowed to stay by the park’s owner Joe Rednor, but had caused such consternation and trouble to the neighborhood, that Rednor, a strip club owner, finally agreed to kick them out after the convention.

4. Use of children

There is a policy of putting children or other attention getting people up front of a march or on the lines in a potential conflict situation with these groups. Veterans, old people, pregnant women, disabled people, kids.  This is done deliberately for PR effect. If something happens, it is not the fault of the protesters, it is the fault of the evil police that would attack a veteran or elderly woman.   This policy was repeated in Tampa, with kids that were clearly being used.

As we start the DNC, we can see this being repeated there as well.

When there have been so many confrontations at such events, it beggars the imagination that parents would go along with this. But time and again, we have seen they do.

The Daily Caller has some good, but disturbing coverage of children participating:

In full swing, chants were rattled off and gentle faces mutated into anger. Jostled and shoved as tension grew thicker, the marchers slowed to a crawl.

People shouted. And the children began to take on a starring role in the protest. Ahead of the crowd, as the leaders droned on about lineage and generational awareness,

the two children we had met were being led to the front of the march, walking through a rainstorm and the threat of police violence.

There were other kids too: We spotted another little boy holding a miniature bullhorn and shouting along with the crowd, stopping every so often to adjust his glasses:

Kids were pushed, boxed in by their group. One of their mothers flew off the handle.

Some occupiers harassed the police, but the uniformed cohort held their position. Chants of “we are the proletariat” and “a… anti… anti-capitalista” rang out and fueled the mob.

We lost sight of the children. We didn’t see them again.

Daily Caller video editor Grae Stafford managed to grab a shot of the children being led away. One of them was sobbing as an organizer snatched him up from the fray.

As the rain picked up, a lone child — seemingly without parents nearby — biked by us and shouted, “Fuck this shit — I’m not homeless.”

We saw so much yesterday. We spoke to Occupiers, we spoke to security forces, we understood the tension. But seeing children placed in front of conflict-seeking adults as they marched toward possible armed conflict rattled us to the core.


Photos by Zach Gorelick of the Daily Caller, except for last photo by Grae Stafford.

Occupy the RNC disappointed

Somber occupy member at the end of the RNC. Credit the Daily Caller.

As Republicans wrapped their time at the Republican National Convention, protesters,  including Occupy, also were ending their time in Tampa. Protesters seemed sad and disappointed at the small turnout, blaming it in part on the fears of Hurricane Issac.  “I think the rain really discouraged a lot of people. We lost sixteen buses that were going to come down here”, one occupier named Mike remarked.  “I think we’ll have a lot more people in Charlotte.”

They also claimed to be upset that they were unable to have any dialogue with leaders at the RNC.  One protester named Lash said, “I love that we have an anarchist forum here, and I really love us, but I hate that our forum can’t even talk with their conservative forum,” he said. “The police just silence us, the Republicans just silence us. We are just getting silenced everywhere we go. It’s like no one wants to even hear what we have to say.”

“Dance for that Anarchy!”. Credit Citizen Journalist

Occupiers had several marches over the time in Tampa, although they seemed mainly rambling and lacking in direction. At one point, on Monday, as they got stuck in the rain, they had an “Anarchy Dance”.

Occupiers interviewed by Al Jazeera. Credit Citizen Journalist.

Occupiers blocking an intersection. Credit Citizen Journalist

There were other protesters there as well, including the Dancing Vaginas of Code Pink and Vermin Supreme. Supreme,  who is commonly dressed with a rubber boot on his head,  runs for President every four years and has promised every voter a pony.

Vermin Supreme speaking to police. Credit Citizen Journalist

Citizen Journalist noted one protester there appeared to be Nkrumah Tinsley who seems to be one of the Occupiers making a career of traveling to all the various events in different parts of the country. Tinsley was arrested in NYC in November for threatening to “burn [Macy's] to the ground”. He was charged with a felony terroristic threat. See more on his case here. When asked about Tinsley in November, Occupiers disavowed him.   Ed Needham, a spokesman for Occupy, said “We wouldn’t have anything to do with this guy. Certainly everything we do is centered around us being a peaceful and nonviolent movment”.  But despite this statement, OWS coughed up $7,500 for his bail. He still seems to be in their company for someone disavowed.  Somehow he also manages to have been at at the NATO protest in May.

Since most of the protesters have few funds and are bused in, it would be interesting to find out who is funding the buses and the ability of some of the occupiers to travel.

Nkrumah Tinsley. Credit the Daily Caller

There was no major incident during the event. Prior to the start of the RNC, there had been bricks and pipes found on a roof of a building tagged with an Anonymous and Occupy graffitii. Two people were also arrested on another roof for carrying weapons including a bb gun and a knife. One man was arrested in the event zone for carrying a machete strapped to his leg. One man was arrested during the event for wearing a mask, which is against the law.

Occupy merges with SDS

On August 19, the Students for a Democratic Society formally approved merging with Occupy Colleges. This approval echoed a prior approval for the merger by the “Occupy Colleges National Assembly”.

The present chapters of Occupy Colleges have now all been given an affiliate status within the “National Working Committee of the SDS” and operate as a single organization with shared resources.  According to The Nation:

Occupy Colleges co-facilitator Natalia Abrams spoke enthusiastically about the strength of the new collaboration and noted that “it was the dream of Occupy Colleges at our inception to join with SDS in order to strengthen the student movement.” Stephanie Taylor of the SDS National Working Committee added “this merger signifies not an end or a beginning to our respective local movements but rather a burgeoning of our critical, collective, national movement as students and youth. SDS has always stood as the largest multi-issue, multi-tendency progressive student organization in the country and we are excited to have Occupy Colleges officially join us—we know this is a positive advancement for the student movement at large.”

The coordination is not suprising, as the personnel were often the same. SDS had presence amongst the founders of OWS along with other leftist groups. New SDS Marissa Holmes factored in much of the early decision making and structure of operation, for example. Old SDS faces also made their appearance with visits/talks from the likes of Bill Ayers and  Bernadine Dohrn. Mike Golash, former president of the Amalgamated Transit Worker’s Union, member of the Progressive Labor Party (one of the factions the original SDS broke off into) was the Occupy DC librarian and talks about aims being replacing capitalism with communism here.

What is suprising perhaps is that Occupy has ceased pushing the fiction that they represent all of the political spectrum. They have been and continue to be far left at their organizing core.  Because any who may have thought otherwise have now faded away, they are now characterizing themselves more honestly. One can see more evidence of this on their website, Occupy the RNC, where they blatantly state their purpose is to take down capitalism.

The same language and the same people have been promoting all the same ideas of occupation, collectivism, socialism and communism for a very long time. It’s just that the MSM hadn’t been paying any attention to them before, and now has pretty much gone back to ignoring them again.

From the SDS “occupation” of the New School in NYC in 2008:

From the New School SDS chapter (7 pm 12/16/08)

We have just occupied New School University.

We liberate this space for ourselves, and all those who want to join us, for our general autonomous use. We take the university in explicit solidarity with those occupying the universities and streets in Greece, Italy, France and Spain.

This occupation begins as a response to specific conditions at the New School, the corporatization of our education and the impoverishment of education in general. However, it is not just this university but also New York City that is in crisis: in the next several months, thousands of us will be losing our jobs, while housing remains unaffordable and unavailable to many and the cost of living skyrockets.

So we stress that the general nature of these intolerable conditions exists across the spectrum of capitalist existence, in our universities and our cities, in all of our social relations. For this reason, what begins tonight at the New School cannot, and should not, be contained here.

Thus: with this occupation, we inaugurate a wave of occupations in New York City and the United States, a coming wave of occupations, blockades, and strikes in this time of crisis.

Be assured, this is only the beginning,

With solidarity and love from New York to Greece, to Italy, France and Spain,

To the coming insurrection.

The occupied New School

It’s never about the current crisis, whatever that is, always about attacking and bringing down capitalism ultimately.

Occupy Summer Disobedience School

At the beginning of the summer, OWS began the “Summer Disobedience School” which was supposed to be a 12 week series of classes, culminating on September 17, or “graduation day”, the one year anniversary of the start of OWS.

What was the purpose of this “school”? They’ve stopped trying to hide the anti-capitalist nature of what they are about. In their video description, they cite the aim:

What is capitalism? Where is capitalism? Who and what sustains it? How can we starve its roots, which feed off our relations to one another to the detriment of humanity? What alternatives can we create together? These are a few of the questions we will explore in OWS Summer Disobedience School (OWSDS), a twelve-week training program that will empower us to map, target, and disrupt sites of capitalist injustice across the city with a wide range of creative tactics accessible to people will all levels of experience.

They’re desperate for numbers so part of the process requires that occupiers can help indoctrinate others. Can we say cult, people?

A key priority in the OWSDS curriculum is the empowerment of new people to step up in planning and executing actions; to this end, OWSDS will involve a mentoring system in which those with more experience can “buddy up” with less experienced individuals to lend moral support and technical guidance. This “training of trainers” process can in turn be replicated and innovated by increasing numbers of people across time and space. Students will be encouraged to develop personal escalation calendars to track their own progress over the course of Summer School in advance of Graduation Day: September 17th, the one-year anniversary of OWS.

They have so few folks left that on September 17, they are asking that everyone come to NYC from across the country to buttress the numbers there, for three days of talks, lectures and direct actions.

So now here is their discussion/ad about the Summer Disobedience School and what they plan for September 17. And yes,  that’s really them, and they really did this.

Occupiers storm Obama campaign headquarters in Oakland and Portland, scuffle with staffers (video)

In a coordinated effort (and we leave how coordinated and with whom to your imagination), Occupy Oakland and Occupy Portland stormed Obama campaign headquarters in their respective cities in Oakland, California and Portland, Oregon.  The Occupy group in Oakland was comprised of the far left organizations including Iraq Vets against the War(including Scott Olsen who was injured in October of last year at a protest) and Code Pink. Both groups are active members of Occupy. The headquarters in Oakland still had boarded up windows from Occupy smashing the windows out on August 3.

After members stormed the office in Oakland. they read a formal statement by bullhorn asking President Obama to apologize to Bradley Manning for saying he broke the law,  for better treatment and for a pardon for  Bradley Manning.  Bradley Manning is awaiting trial on charges related to leaking government documents.

Protesters crowd the Oakland office here.

Photos of Code Pink and Iraq Vets Against the War members blocking the doorway in Oakland, Scott Olsen is 4th from the left, with the long blond hair:

After storming the office in Oakland, they got into a scuffle with Obama staffers when Occupiers climbed on top of and over chairs and tried to move further into the working area of the office.

Video taken by Scott Olsen:

Police were called in both locations. See pictures of Portland and in Oakland of police.  A hostage negotiator actually had to be called out in Oakland to talk with seven Occupiers, who refused to leave.  Police lost patience and moved in to make the arrests in Oakland around 9 pm last night. Scott Olsen was the only one of the seven not arrested, as they were given a last opportunity to leave and he left.   Six were arrested in Oakland and five are reported to have been arrested in Portland.

After the arrests in Oakland, other demonstrators marched on the Oakland Police station.

Reports this morning indicate that the people arrested in Oakland have been released already, except for one who will be held over the weekend.

The last time that Obama campaign headquarters faced “occupation” or sit ins was when illegal aliens occupied the offices in some locations in the week prior to President Obama granting amnesty to those who were brought here as children.

God Hating Chick Fil A protester turns out to be Occupier

Remember those nasty Chick Fil A protesters who were harassing the street preacher in this video?

Meet Spencer Thayer, the loud one in the video in the plaid shirt who “hates God”.

In our “it’s a small (leftist) world” file, turns out Spencer Thayer is with Occupy Chicago. Like many Occupiers, Spencer is a professional “activist”.  He was one before Occupy, and now is going back to some of the things he did before Occupy.  He creatively has the anarchist circle “A” as part of his name on Twitter.   He also has strong feelings about America:

When he learned about the reaction to his actions, Spencer reveled in the attention:

And speculated on what he could do with a picture of Breitbart:

Spencer, while seeking attention, has yet to realize that he is not attracting more folks to his cause by his actions.  Indeed, the more he and his fellow anarchists do, the more they show themselves for what they are. So keep on Spencer, as you are a useful example.

White House claims Occupy collusion emails were “mistaken”

In an interview with Victoria Taft on the Victoria Taft show  KPAM radio at AM 860 , Judicial Watch spokesperson Tom Fitton announced that the White House had responded to the growing scandal surrounding their decision to  “stand down” from enforcing the law against Occupy lawbreakers.

The scandal was revealed when Judicial Watch, having obtained documents through the FOIA act, discovered emails between the GSA(General Services Administration) and the DHS (Department of Homeland Security).  Occupy was illegally camping on federal land administered by the GSA. While camping on the land, and other land in Portland, they created multiple problems, including threatening reporters and vandalizing local banks. Taft also spoke of the “420 tent” that was at the Occupy Portland where people went to get stoned.

The emails revealed GSA Commissioner Robert Beck saying that they had consulted with the WH and were “standing down” from enforcing action against Occupy. See more here.

Now Fitton has said the White House has responded, claiming, despite the emails showing White House collusion, GSA Commissioner Beck was “mistaken” about the White House’s approval for standing down from enforcing the law.

Fitton and Taft expressed incredulity that the White House could be taking that posture, given the emails.

The White House and prominent Democrats, such as Nancy Pelosi, have made various endorsing statements about Occupy since its inception, most famously, Nancy Pelosi’s statement, “God Bless them”.  Most of the people who started Occupy have a background in Democratic or leftist causes including with ACORN, SDS, SEIU, the Wobblies, Code Pink and the Democratic Socialists of America.

Occupy has been involved with over 7500 arrests as of the current date, everything from disorderly persons charges up to murder. Nationally, the damages resulting from various Occupy actions exceed 40 million dollars.  In LA alone, in a state bordering on bankruptcy, Occupy has cost the city over 4 million dollars.

Judicial Watch: White House approved “going easy” on Occupiers breaking the law

Occupiers in Schrunk Plaza, Portland, Oregon in November 2011

Judicial Watch has uncovered explosive documents, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, that show the White House  gave the go ahead to  officials in the General Services Administration (GSA) to “stand down” and not arrest Occupy Portland protesters who may have been in violation of the law last year.

According to Judicial Watch, former GSA Commissioner Robert Peck apparently told the Department of Homeland Security that the White House had approved them “going easy” on the Occupiers.

In a Nov. 6, 2011, DHS/National Protection and Programs Directorate Chief of Staff Caitlin Durkovich asked GSA’s Peck if it was true that his agency had asked Federal Protective Service officials not to take action against the Occupy Portland protestors.

“Yes, that is our position,” Peck responded. “It’s been vetted with our Administrator and Michael Robertson, our chief of staff, and we have communicated with the WH [White House], which has afforded us the discretion to fashion our approach to Occupy issues…The arrests last week were carried out despite our request that the protesters [sic] be allowed to remain and to camp overnight…”

Members of Occupy Portland had been protesting for several days on GSA-owned property in the Portland area. Eleven of the protestors had chained themselves together in a downtown Portland park and were in violation of an anti camping law in the park.  A splinter of the group had already claimed responsibility for vandalism at local banks. After this edict came down in early November to not pursue them, that Occupiers subsequently also threatened reporters and pushed one of them.  See here.

Occupiers have been involved with multiple crimes or violations of the law across the country, resulting in over 7500 arrests, ranging from disorderly conduct to murder.

According to the Washington Examiner,  the White House has made repeated denials of giving aid or encouragement to the Occupy protests. The Examiner also notes that GSA Commissioner Bob Peck was a big contributor to Democratic candidates, including to President Obama.  Peck was forced to resign from GSA earlier this year after the scandal surrounding spending at a regional conference in Las Vegas.

“We now have a new GSA scandal – one that involves the Obama White House,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “These documents clearly show that federal agencies colluded with the Obama White House to allow the Occupy Wall Street protestors to violate the law with impunity. These documents tell us that the GSA and DHS can’t be relied upon to protect federal workers or property.”

For more from Judicial Watch on the Occupy documents, go here.

Occupy anarchists attack Obama HQs with kids inside

Occupy Oakland had another “FTP”(Fuck the Police March) last night in Oakland, California.

Occupy Oakland

About 100 people marched. During the march, some smashed the windows of cars, with one report of them surrounding a woman in a car as they attacked it. They also tossed rocks and bricks through the windows of Obama Headquarters in downtown Oakland. Tweets note that children were inside the headquarters at the time.

Windows at the headquarters:

Image source: Twitter user @davidcolburn

KGO News

Other Occupiers celebrated the destruction:

One even accused the Obama workers inside of breaking out the windows from the inside:

While police were reportedly following the march, there were apparently no arrests reported at this time.

Revolting Propaganda

Manual Diaz was shot by police on July 21 in Anaheim, California.

When police were pelted with rocks and bottles at a later protest of his death,  Occupy was on the scene stirring the pot.

Occupy has become the ambulance chasers of tragic events from the shooting of Trayvon Martin to the recent police shootings in Anaheim. They’ve actually shipped in people from Oakland and elsewhere in California.

Their aim in Anaheim, as elsewhere, get people into the streets, whatever the cause, however they can get people.

While one Occupier, Jayron, puts out a call for live streamers to broadcast the Anaheim “protests”,  OLAASM(Occupy LA-Anti Social Media)  reminds him, it isn’t about documenting what is actually happening, it’s about editing for propaganda.   Sufficiently chastised, Jayron agrees:

At a later action,  when protesters were advancing on a police skirmish line, somehow a photographer, trying to move KNBC reporter Angie Crouch’s car, got caught in the middle of the action, between the protesters and the police.

Let’s listen to how CNN’s Amber Lyon reported it:

Looks like a good picture right? Horrible police appearing to attack car of helpless reporter.

Except it’s a lie and Amber Lyon knows it.

Let’s see what the local NBC affiliate says about it:

Oh, ho, it was the protesters that smashed the windshield! Hmm, why doesn’t the CNN reporter report that?

Tweets were sent to Amber Lyon to tell her that she was wrong, yet she still has the tweet and never clarified for anyone once the facts were known.

The other picture was just too good to correct.

Amber Lyon has her name across the picture, indicating she took it. If she took it, then all the more that she should know that police didn’t attack the car and damage the windshield, that the damage was already there.

The reporter, Angie Crouch,  noted that her photographer had been trying to get away from the protesters, got turned around and ended up driving right at the police skirmish line, hence the police advancing on the car, and him putting his hands up. But the police did not attack him and he had no trouble from them. They, of course, had every right to be concerned about a car driving at their line of cops.

It is wise in the face of a clear effort to manipulate the media, and media who will manipulate the facts, to be careful what you accept as the truth.


Amber Lyon apparently has had a parting of the ways with CNN, and may no longer be employed there, at least not full time. According to Amber, who spoke at a panel at Def Con last night, her parting of the ways was because of her association with Anonymous and CNN’s concern about the legalities of her interviewing fugitives.

She interviewed Commander X, an Anonymous hacker, who jumped bail and fled to Canada to avoid prosecution. It was Commander X himself(real name Christopher Doyon) who raised questions about Lyon’s role in his escape, talking about her presence during his escape, as well as the help he received from Occupy members in said escape.

Amber apparently said that the government considers her a criminal but it’s worth it.

Occupy “Summer School” Fail

Occupy Wall Street has been working with students at Paul Robeson High School in Brooklyn, NY,  for months.  This effort to reach out to students was mostly through Justin Wedes, a disgraced former teacher, who resigned for his teaching position in the wake of a grant money scandal.  During this time, some of the students were encouraged to walk out on classes to be involved with May Day protests and to protest against various issues at the school.  Wedes finally managed to do enough to irritate the principal of the school who apparently asked him to leave the property at one point.

Wedes then came up with the concept of a “summer school”, the “Paul Robeson Freedom School”,  not on the Paul Robeson property, but at St John the Evangelist Lutheran School on Maujer Street in Brooklyn.  The “school” is open to 10-14 year olds from Brooklyn,  according to Wedes, who noted they will focus lessons on discussing the civil rights movement, feminism, LGBTQ rights, universal healthcare and other topics of “social justice”, as well as providing tutoring, lessons in urban gardening and local food, and weekly family nights.

Excerpted from LadyLiberty1885 are snippets from NY TIMES story on the subject, emphasis from LadyLiberty:


LAST week, on a gloriously breezy Brooklyn evening, Justin Wedes and Rodney Deas, two original members of the Occupy Wall Street movement, were cooking burgers on a charcoal grill in the courtyard of their latest project — an unsanctioned, unofficial Occupy Wall Street summer camp.

The camp, which runs through Aug. 24 at a redbrick former schoolhouse on Maujer Street in Williamsburg, was only three days old, and fellow Occupiers, swept up in the pioneering spirit, had been coming by in droves to lend a hand. A few guys from Occupy Tech Ops had spent the afternoon tweaking the old computers and hooking up the Ethernet connection, and an Occupy artist had silk-screened 20 T-shirts (with a book-and-raised-fist logo) to serve as camp uniforms. Occupy librarians were finishing the reading room, and some Occupy farmers were discussing how to bring in provisions. A tattooed video jockey from Occupy TV was milling about, recording it all on a Sony hand-held camera.

The only thing missing at that point were the campers. By Wednesday, there were three.

“The joke is we’ve been getting one a day,” said Mr. Wedes, who is 26 and a veteran of the food committee at Zuccotti Park. “I figure, at this rate, in another couple weeks we’ll actually have a camp.”

You could blame the slow start on any number of issues: a nonexistent advertising budget (zero dollars out of a $300 operating account); a lack of sufficiently radical activities (no shoot-the-banker archery, say, or color war with flexi-cuffs); or a cultural predilection for horizontal planning.(How fast would a top-down Tea Party camp be up and running?)

Mr. Wedes (pronounced WEE-dis) said the delay was merely a function of grass-roots community work. “We’re starting here from nothing,” he said, “and building up. It’s a process.”


I know, every line is like some kind of love letter to Occupy. What parent in their right mind would let their kids near one of these events much less a ‘ Summer camp’?  Let’s ignore that kids have been left alone with ratsabandonedflashedintimidated, arrestedand used as human shields by Occupiers. Are people who incite riots, destroy public property, rack up 41 million in damages nationwide and who can’t seem to pick a single focus topic to protest about on any given day really who you want your kids around? Uh, that’s a HELL NO.

Read more here.

OWS member arrested on kiddie porn charges

US Marshalls have arrested an ex-OWS member on kiddie porn charges.  According to the New York Post, Preston Laska, 23, is wanted in Wisconsin on child pornography charges and had a previous conviction for the same type of offense.

The Marshalls found Laska hiding out in the Hell’s Kitchen section of New York City.  The Marshalls found out he was in NYC from his participation in OWS,  after he was arrested for sleeping on the sidewalk and released before his fingerprints were confirmed.

According to the “Offendex” registry, Preston Laska was convicted of possession of child pornography in 2007.  Click to see record here.

Preston Chase Laska

Occupiers participate in Obama “get out the vote” event

According to Occupiers,  Occupy allegedly doesn’t support any political parties.

Yet what were those crazy Occupy kids doing at a “get out the vote for Obama” event in Brooklyn, N.Y.?

Local sources familiar with occupy participants recognized them.

Picture inside the event:

Picture of two of those crazy kids leaving the event, one wearing a tell tale “99 %” shirt.

Occupiers take over another house and create chaos

LuJuan Poole grew up in the quiet yellow house on Varnum Street, in the Petworth section of Washington, D.C.

But now she is in a struggle to get back her family home.

The home has become the “Occuhouse”,  a haven for members of Occupy DC and a source of chaos and upset in the neighborhood.  Around 3 dozen Occupiers have been reported to be staying there at any given time and they have been occupying the home now for months.

Robert Joyner, 58, who has lived quietly in the neighborhood for almost his entire life, describes the house now.  “I don’t even know who these people are. I’ve never seen them before,” Joyner said recently as he stood outside his home on Varnum Street. “They beat bongos. They play guitar. They stay up all night. And they [have sex] on the porch. They also rigged illegal electrical lines that were later disconnected by the utility company.

Supporters say the occupiers think they’re engaged in “land liberation”.

The neighbors, mostly new, younger residents and African American families who have lived there for decades, have complained to the police multiple times. “There’s a lot of concern. There’s rats everywhere, trash everywhere,” said Malita Rankin, 45, a home health-care worker sitting on her mother’s front porch recently.

The problem started back in 2007 when Lu Juan let a friend stay in the house. That friend apparently let Anthony Sluder stay at the house. Sluder, who later became an Occupier at McPherson Square, then invited other occupiers to stay at the house. Sluder, who says he has a lease, claims he has no way of evicting the other occupiers.

He said that he invited Occupy protesters to stay at the house but was unprepared for the “mayhem” that followed.  “Friends told friends who told friends, and they were in the attic and the basement and the kitchen, anywhere they could lay down,” Sluder said. “They didn’t respect it as somebody’s home.”

Poole says that Sluder has no lease. She has been trying to evict him and the others, but has so far been unsuccessful at getting them out, in part, because of a requirement that she prove that none of the people are in the military, an impossible task as she doesn’t even now who some of them are.

Poole is just one of a number of people who has had to deal with occupiers occupying their homes.  In two most notable examples, in Seattle ,  they occupied and completely destroyed a home owned by Denmark West, who was fixing it up for a low income family, and in Brooklyn, NY, they perpetrated a fraud on the media with the assistance of Congressional candidate Charles Barron and stole the home of Wise Ahadzi for months, damaging it significantly.

According to Poole, when she tried to confront the occupants,  “One of them said, ‘I’ll get out when the marshals come and put me out.’ ”

Six Occupy DC members found guilty of unlawful entry into historic building

Six members of Occupy DC were found guilty on July 12th of unlawful entry for breaking into a historic building in downtown Washington that was once used as a homeless shelter.

In November, the occupiers broke into the Franklin School at 13th and K  Streets.  They wore bandanas over their faces as they dropped the banner from the top of the school about 3 p.m. It read “Public Property Under Community Control.”   They were allegedly protesting the city’s decision to stop using the building as a homeless shelter.  The building which opened in 1869, is on the National Register of Historic Places.  The protesters said they had enough food and other provisions to stay “indefinitely” but police and firefighters broke into a back door about 5:30 p.m. Protesters formed a human chain in an adjacent alley in hopes of preventing other rescue workers from entering the historic structure. But occupiers were successfully removed.

After a trial and conviction, the six convicted were sentenced to five days in jail, however the judge suspended the jail time.

Occupy Seattle Clown mock shoots at police

If you thought Occupiers were clowns, you would be right. Literally.

But not sweet clowns, full of fun. They refer to themselves as an “insurgent rebel army” but don’t seem to get that they look ridiculous.

But even though they are ridiculous, the threatening nature can’t be quieted.  Watch as the vicious, nasty clown threatens and curses police, using an umbrella, pointing it like a gun at police, and firing repeatedly.

Once upon a time, they claimed to protest banks.

Now they protest zoos to free elephants:

And a new police rescue boat, as they prance in anarchist wear and curse in front of children:

Anyone notice that they’re really not funny?

Occupy National Gathering draws small numbers; march to NYC already in trouble

Sign at national gathering

Occupy held a 5 day national gathering in Philadelphia over the holiday that was supposed to bring people from all over the country.

Approximately 200 people showed up, far less than the 1500 police were anticipating, indicating the moribund nature of Occupy. Those that attended held teach ins, workshops and meetings on visioning. At the end, they put out a “Declaration of Interdependence” .

The visit was mostly peaceful except for the 40 people arrested for various offenses.

At the end of the event, a march was organized to walk from the Liberty Bell to Wall Street. About 45 people allegedly signed up for the walk. According to the march organizer, Daphne Carr, 100 people started out on the march this morning.  Many started with nothing more than a water bottle, not seeming concerned about provisioning for the trip.

Carr said that that there would be three meals a day and plenty of water, plus precautionary measures to handle the heat. An air-conditioned van is riding alongside the chain of walkers, five medics are traveling with them, and they plan to stop for a rest for ten minutes out of every hour.

Yet by this evening, Occupy was already tweeting asking for food, and ideas to help with provisioning.


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