Crazed “feminists” attack Catholics who defend their church from defacement in Argentina

Here is insane view of the actions of a mob.

About 500 angry, pro abortion feminists attending the “National Women’s Encounter” conference in Posadas, surrounded the nearby cathedral, intent upon defacing the church. Several of the local Catholics locked arms in front of the church to prevent them from defacing it.   The feminists then attacked and abused Catholics, spray painting them, spitting on them, screaming at them, taunting and otherwise abusing them. They also spray painted the cathedral with anarchist and pro abortion phrases.

Some took pictures and posed laughing in front of the abused Catholics.  The Catholics locked arms and continued to pray the Rosary as they were abused.

It is not clear where the police were.  There have been similar actions before from prior National Women’s Encounter events elsewhere in the country, including in 2010, when they vandalized buildings and seriously injured one person.

Westboro troll schooled

What can bring left and right together and unite all under one umbrella?

Unified disgust at the Westboro Baptist roadshow.

Westboro Baptist Church’s Shirley Phelps-Roper tries to instruct and gets a tad schooled.

Occupy Oakland Organizer: Cop Killing Alleged Child Rapist is “Hero”

Today the glare of media was on politician Todd Akin and his comment about rape. Akin has said he misspoke and apologized for the comment. It seems likely he will have to withdraw from his political race.

Yet this MSM focus seems to vanish when it comes to things which the MSM eyes more favorably, such as Occupy.

Over this past weekend, Occupy Truth, a coming together of bloggers and ordinary citizens, shone a focus on the violence within Occupy that the MSM continues to ignore or cover poorly.   Occupy the Truth, held in Cleveland,  focused especially on the fact that the MSM continues to ignore the Occupy connection in the case of Occupiers arrested for planning to blow up the Cuyahoga  Bridge in Cleveland.

Occupy continues in its way with violence in discussion and approach, all the while being cast by MSM as “mostly peaceful”.

Occupy Oakland organizer Jessica Hollie (otherwise known as “Bella Eiko”) recently tweeted the following:

Just for background, “FTP” means “fuck the police” and “ACAB” means “All cops are bastards”. These are typical hashtags of Occupy along with “revolution” and “us revolution”.

You can see further fun moments with Bella Eiko here where she and other occupiers brings a city council meeting to chaos, and where Bella and others march on a councilwoman’s home, after Occupiers put out a “wanted” poster on the council woman.

Who is Lovelle Mixon?

Mr. Mixon is a man who killed four police officers on March 21, 2009.   The police have also linked him to three sexual assaults. Included among the sexual assaults is the assault at gunpoint of a 12 year old girl. More back ground on Mixon here.

The article that Ms. Hollie cites appears to justify or at least excuse Mixon’s actions because he had difficulty finding a job after he got out of prison and had a parole officer who cancelled appointments on him.

Ms. Hollie’s statement is not a misstatement, not taken out of context. It is, sadly, apparently, what she truly believes.

When your vision gets that narrow in pursuit of your cause, it may be time to hang it up.  “God bless them”-Nancy Pelosi.

Staffers quitting NYC school where principal forbade class from singing “God Bless the USA”

Teachers at school, some of whom have now left, dressed in red white and blue in June during God Bless America song controversy. Credit NY Post

25 of the 40 staff members, 11 of the 28 classroom teachers or support staff have left PS 90, the Edna Cohen School,  in Coney Island, New York.

This is the same school that in June caused an uproar when the principal, Greta Hawkins,  forbade children in a kindergarten graduation ceremony from singing the Lee Greenwood song “God Bless the USA”.  She initially said that it could be offensive to people in the school who came from different cultures. Then she claimed the song was too difficult for the children to sing and replaced it with the  Justin Bieber song, “Baby”, which also was ultimately axed from the program.

It appears it is the authoritarian rule of Hawkins that the teachers and staff are fleeing.  “I couldn’t take it anymore,” said a veteran teacher who found a new job in Queens. “Some people were being picked on, and some were waiting to be picked on.” Some referred to the environment as “toxic” since Hawkins took over three years ago. 9 teachers and 3 other classroom support staff transferred over the summer.

Principal Greta Hawkins. Credit NY Post

The NY Post noted both sides of the situation:

“Most who left were disgruntled staff who were either disciplined or lost grievances for incomplete lesson plans,” a [Principal Hawkins] spokeswoman said. Hawkins did not return messages.

But teachers said Hawkins fabricated cases to torment her perceived enemies. On the last day of school, she threatened to slap any teacher with a “U,” or unsatisfactory rating, who didn’t turn in records, keys and other items she demanded at the last minute, staffers said.

The tension is not new.

The hostility goes back to a June 2010 staff meeting, where Hawkins reportedly announced: “I’m black. Your previous principal was white and Jewish. More of us are coming.”

Despite a DOE reprimand, the atmosphere worsened. “It all went downhill after that. She wanted revenge,” a staffer said.

Hawkins used spies and even scolded teachers for talking to each other in the hallway, several said.

“She’s vindictive. She’s malicious. She’ll smile but do things behind your back,” said a teacher leaving PS 90 after 10-plus years.

One exiting aide was accused of harassment after complaining that a teacher favored by Hawkins kept a hamster in a filthy cage.

“She removed me from the classroom instead of the hamster,” the aide said.

Parents upset with the exodus of teachers are appealing to the schools chancellor Dennis Walcott to do something to address the situation.

Priest praying rosary verbally attacked at Chick Fil A

Last Friday, pro gay marriage activists verbally harassed a preacher reading a bible at a Chick Fil A in Chicago.

Here is more Chick Fil A confrontation from that same location in Chicago this Wednesday. What is it about Chicago and that location that brings out the attack police?

In this video, there are actually two sets of protesters-one set pro-traditional marriage apparently, the other pro gay marriage. The priest, Father Gerald O’Reilly, begins to walk, praying the Rosary quietly, but in the middle of the pro gay marriage group. He is then verbally set upon, loudly and viciously, until he is led out by police.

In the free market of ideas, is it an outdated thought that one can actually hold an opposing view and not be set upon? Or, possibly, even that calm sharing of ideas can result?

HT to Rebel Pundit by way of Legal Insurrection for video:

Anti Capitalist “Critical Mass” Protesters at London Olympics attack cop

This scrum occurred at an area where cyclists were being prevented from getting closer to the venue.

The propaganda line for media is that the video puportedly shows police beating a man in a wheelchair.

Yet it shows nothing of the kind.

Apparently a cop began to arrest a woman, the reason for which is not clear, as the tape starts subsequently, and appears to have been edited.

But what the video does show is the cop thereafter being set upon by the “protesters”, as they try to “de-arrest” the woman, a common tactic we have seen with Occupy. The officer is jumped by others, including by a big burly man on a Harley (the alleged “disabled” man in a  “wheelchair”).  The officer is helped by a female police medic, but they are both surrounded and outnumbered, and have to call for help.

Portland white powder scare-letters sent from jail, other scares linked to Texas

Portland hazmat team member





















Since April 26, there have been several “white powder scares” in Portland as well as in other cities around the country.

The Portland case appears to have been cracked. The letters containing the white powder were sent from the Multnomah County Jail.  This seems to explain the statement earlier from police, “the letters have been stopped”.

At least two of the envelopes containing white powder also had the word “anthrax” written on them. Understandably, one might wonder how such letters could be sent out of a jail. However,  while mail going into the jail is checked, mail going out is not unless investigators are specifically keeping an eye on someone’s actions.

Federal investigators are reportedly looking at a federal inmate who was being held at the jail. That inmate has now been transferred to a federal facility in Sheridan, Oregon.

The letters had been sent to  the federal courthouse, the Lloyd Center mall, a business office at the airport, a business office at the downtown Hilton, the Marquam Building that houses OHSU offices and the Market Center Building that houses some offices for Portland State University.

There was no anthrax in any of the letters and no one was physically hurt in any of the incidents. Grant Coffey, Portland Fire & Rescue’s HAZMAT coordinator estimates however that the costs in resonse so far may reach as much as $14,000. Several buildings were required to be evacuated, hazmat teams scrambled people quarantined briefly in response.

In other “white powder scares” elsewhere, the FBI has linked the mailings of hundreds of envelopes containing white powder over the last four years to the work of someone in Texas.

The FBI released a statement that several of these letters contained a Texas postmark and contained references to subjects such as Nazis and Al Qaida.  A $150,000 reward is being offered in this case.

The  letters sent last week in Connecticut that Citizen Journalist reported on previously allegedly had an Al Qaida reference.

White powder scares at locations in Portland OR, Connecticut and NYC

Hazmat team responding to scare at Portland State University building

Over the past two weeks, there have been six locations in the Portland, Oregon area as well as locations in Connecticut and NYC that have received envelopes containing suspicious white powder.

In Portland , two different locations received letters on Thursday.  The first letter was sent to Portland State University at the Market Center building near Southwest 4th Avenue and Market Street. The second scare took place at the Oregon Health & Science University in the Marquam Plaza Building at 2525 Southwest 3rd.  On Wednesday, two white powder incidents were reported. One occurred at the Hilton Hotel in Downtown Portland, the second occurred at a Port of Portland building near the Portland International Airport.  On Tuesday there was a scare at the Lloyd Center mall on Tuesday and there was an intial incident at the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse on April 26.

In all of the Portland cases, the envelopes were addressed to human resources offices and “anthrax” written either directly on the envelope or in a two-page letter in the envelope.  Evacuations and hazmat teams were called out to address the scares, and several people who had contact with the letters were quarantined.  No anthrax was found in any of the cases.

Referencing the Portland cases, FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele issued a press release today stating “the FBI and its local partners believe they have stopped the sender or senders’ ability to continue this stream of threats.” They have not as yet clarified what that means, or whether there may have been an arrest.

“White powder” scares have also been currently occurring at locations in Connecticut.

The Rowland State Government Center in Waterbury and the Ruth Chaffee School in Newington were evacuated on Thursday. Keeny Street Elementary in Manchester was also locked down. All are closed today, pending an investigation.  The powder in the Manchester school was accompanied by a letter mentioning Al Qaida.

A spate of “white powder” letters were sent to several banks in NYC on April 30, saying “Happy May Day”, seemingly referencing May Day protests.

No one was injured in any of the incidents and no anthrax was found.  There is no indication at present whether these incidents are related.

Surf’s Up!

Surf’s up. Really up. Watch Garret McNamara surf the highest recorded ride of a wave-78 feet high-during a competition in Portugal.

Historic Views of NYC

Bridge view

Via the Daily Mail:

Almost a million images of New York and its municipal operations have been made public for the first time on the internet.

The city’s Department of Records officially announced the debut of the photo database.

Culled from the Municipal Archives collection of more than 2.2 million images going back to the mid-1800s, the 870,000 photographs feature all manner of city oversight — from stately ports and bridges to grisly gangland killings.

Unfortunately, due to the great demand, the site has been deleted for the moment.  But this photo and several more can be found at the Daily Mail site:

Father records verbal abuse of his son by teacher, aides

This is one that will make your blood boil. It’s worth watching the video all the way to the end.

Then saying:

- how can we stop this from ever happening again

-why was the teacher not fired?

The answer to the second question posed is clear. The teacher has tenure.  Her personnel records cannot be discussed publicly by school so we can’t even know who this is or how many times this may have happened in the past.

As we can see from the very recent case in NYC, teachers with tenure basically have a job for life under present strictures, with very limited possibilities of being fired.  Who does this hurt? Kids.

Why is there no recourse, even for cases so clear?

Update: Stuart Chaifetz notes today that while the aide who said “shut up” to Akian was fired, the teacher in charge who used the expletive about Akian is still with the district, moved to the high school.

Update: Here is another video of Stuart thanking people for their response, noting the teacher’s name, and that the school inaccurately was  telling parents and media that all the people involved were no longer with the district.

As we noted above, as of today, according to Stuart, the teacher still appears to be with the district. In New Jersey, the process to get rid of a teacher can be a long drawn out one.  That should change. But at least, get it started, don’t just transfer someone!

Every dog has his day

What every dog needs is his own parade.

When I Die: Lessons from the Death Zone

HT to Dan Hannan for tweeting this. Dan is a member of Parliment and worked on the opposite side from Philip Gould, a Labour peer and political strategist.

But Dan recognized, as should we all, that beauty knows no party. There are some things that unite us all.


Occupy Bats

No really, Occupy Wall Street finds a bat and discusses what to do with it.

Seriously, bats in NY are likely full of disease.

NYC: Teachers Union Forces City To Reinstate 14 Teachers Including those Accused of Sexual Misconduct Involving Students

Horrible story of United Federation of Teachers helping put teachers accused of charges, some sexual, back in the classroom with kids:

New York-What are parents to do when their child comes home from school with stories about “this creepy guy in my class” and it turns out to be the teacher?

That’s a very real concern for parents with children in New York City public schools, where 14 teachers of highly dubious character have been reinstated to the classroom-and two others have been given “desk duty”-thanks to appeals by their powerful teacher’s union, the United Federation of Teachers.

NY Daily News  reports that 16 teachers “kept their jobs after being brought up on egregious charges, some sexual, some involving excessive personal familiarity with students”.

A few examples:

Gym and health teacher Willie Laraque was charged with bending a male student over a desk, leaning in to him and saying, “I’ll show you what is gay.” The Daily News reports Laraque is back in the classroom after paying a $10,000 fine.

Norman Siegel, a high school teacher, was accused of pressing his genitalia against a female student’s leg. Siegel only received a 45-day unpaid suspension, “although the arbitrator found that the girl’s charge was likely true” and that Siegel “was previously accused of a similar offense,” the Daily News writes.

There’s also a case involving Edward Cascio, a gym teacher who accepted pornographic pictures from a student – of another student. Cascio was back at work after serving his three-month suspension.

The district tried to fire these individuals, but the UFT appealed the decisions to arbitrators, who gave the teachers their jobs back.

Continue story here: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/04/14/monsters-in-the-classroom

No greater love: story of Titanic chivalry

On the hundreth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, let us remember that, amidst the death and fear, there were many tales of great bravery.

Amidst all the tales of chivalry from the Titanic disaster there is one that’s not often told

Fr. Thomas Byles

It is that of Fr. Thomas Byles, the Catholic priest who gave up two spots on a lifeboat in favour of offering spiritual aid to the other victims as they all went down with the “unsinkable” vessel.

A 42-year-old English convert, Fr. Byles was on his way to New York to offer the wedding Mass for his brother William. Reports suggest that he was reciting his breviary on the upper deck when the Titanic struck the iceberg in the twilight hours of Sunday, April 14th, 1912.

According to witnesses, as the ship went down the priest helped women and children get into the lifeboats, then heard confessions, gave absolution, and led passengers in reciting the Rosary.

Agnes McCoy, one of the survivors, says that as the great ship sank, Fr. Byles “stood on the deck with Catholics, Protestants and Jews kneeling around him.”

“Father Byles was saying the rosary and praying for the repose of the souls of those about to perish,” she told the New York Telegram on April 22, 1912, according to the website devoted to his memory,FatherByles.com.

In the words of the priest’s friend Fr. Patrick McKenna, “He twice refused the offer of a place in a boat, saying his duty was to stay on the ship while one soul wanted his ministrations.”

Continue the story here: http://www.lifesitenews.com/blog/the-untold-story-of-the-titanics-catholic-priest-who-went-down-hearing-conf

Occupy London using children as human shields

Sometimes you wonder what people are thinking:

12/17/11 Occupy kids at Trinity Church lot in NYC, just prior to attempt to seize lot from church

From Breitbart this morning:

Occupiers have once again deployed the appalling tactic of putting children in danger by using them as human shields

Children were used as a human blockade as protesters tried to prevent police and bailiffs from clearing an Olympics site.

Four campaigners were arrested as officials, acting on a High Court order, moved in to evict the protest camp at Leyton Marshes where Occupy London activists and residents have been demonstrating over the building of a temporary basketball training facility.

Simon Carleton, 29, Daniel Ashman, 27, Anita Olivacce, 25, and Connor Murray, 24, were appearing at Thames magistrates’ court today on public order offences.

They were arrested at the site yesterday amid chaotic scenes which saw demonstrators, including a child who looked as young as six, leaping under a lorry and refusing to move.

Read more: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/04/11/occupy-uses-children-as-human-shields-again?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+BigGovernment+%28Big+Government%29

More Occupy videos:

OccupyDC using children block entrance to a conference(they also used them to block street at same conference):

Occupy Portland mom putting child on train tracks to block train movement:

And then there’s the Ether Bunny..

Police Arrest ‘Easter Bunny’ On Drug Charges

Danville PD: Pills Seized From Man In Easter Bunny Costume

DANVILLE, Va. – A man who was working as the Easter Bunny at Danville’s Piedmont Mall was arrested Friday after police said he was caught with pills without a valid prescription.


Joshua Bolling

Joshua Bolling

According to the Danville Police Department, 24-year-old Joshua Lee Bolling was charged with illegally possessing prescription narcotics.

The investigation began after police said they received complaints from mall businesses and management of behavior suggestive of possible criminal drug activity involving the man working as the Easter Bunny.

Police said that Bolling was a contract worker for an outside company providing the Easter activities and was not employed by Piedmont Mall.

Bolling was asked to accompany officers away from the public area where he was working and he was escorted to a private changing area where he removed his costume and was arrested, officers said.

Read more: http://www.wxii12.com/news/30854455/detail.html#ixzz1rT3vMCA6

Just another night at Occupy Union Square

Some have spoken of the “cult-like” aspects of Occupy.

Certainly, one can point to many disturbing elements. But what is often not mentioned are the cults-political and otherwise- that might be trying to cherry pick impressionable people who believe they are fighting for a cause.

In this video, we can see the Hare Krishna trolling for recruits. Most of the people in the video are just regular people wondering through the park. Occupiers are seen on steps, with the Hare Krishna, in a meditation circle.  Not seen in the video, but there,  the Revolutionary Communist Party, also looking to sign people up:

Sitting pretty…

The Rockette Sisters

Occupy Neatherlands endorses Anonymous antisemitism and attacks on Israel

David Duke and the Nazi party endorse Occupy.

Occupy’s response? “Oh anyone can endorse us, but we don’t endorse anyone else”.

Apparently, though, Occupy endorses Anonymous anti-semitic attacks on Israel, chastising Israel’s evil plan to control the world (oh hai-Illuminati).

This is just one of several videos Anonymous has made announcing plans to attack the Israeli government:


Since Anonymous acts as a fundamental support system for Occupy with computer attacks and manpower, one might wonder why Occupy would not disavow such insanity.  But really the conclusion one might reach as to why they do not is simple.

It’s because they believe it too.


Happy Easter!


Operation Hot Mic- President Flexible at your service


Citizen Journalist

Welcome to our new blog, Citizen Journalist!

It does seem like a strange time in which we are living.

Social media and blogs are on the cutting edge and on the story long before MSM makes it off the mark.  In this swirling climate of ideas, truths, falsehoods, Andrew Breitbart spoke of the importance and need for the “Citizen Journalist”, those who would pursue the truth and hold media to account.

It is in that spirit that we set off here. Obviously, writing of things that intrigue us, but hopefully that interest others as well and help provide a little more truth in a complicated world.




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