Owl speaks out!

We’ve been deficient in our cute animal posts, in favor of more serious news of late.  But here is an owl who has a lot to say.

Panda sweetness

Gotten behind on our animal pictures so here is a lovely one for the day:


Photo of the Day

Historic Views of NYC

Bridge view

Via the Daily Mail:

Almost a million images of New York and its municipal operations have been made public for the first time on the internet.

The city’s Department of Records officially announced the debut of the photo database.

Culled from the Municipal Archives collection of more than 2.2 million images going back to the mid-1800s, the 870,000 photographs feature all manner of city oversight — from stately ports and bridges to grisly gangland killings.

Unfortunately, due to the great demand, the site has been deleted for the moment.  But this photo and several more can be found at the Daily Mail site:

Meet the new Occupy “black bloc” leader

“I’m gonna strike till you replace ma kitteh litter!”

Epic Kitty Face Palm

Every dog has his day

What every dog needs is his own parade.

Obama ate Hitler’s dog

Twitter universe has been blowing up with the true story of Obama eating dog meat.

Here is the proposed meltdown upon Hitler finding out that his dog, Fluffy met a similar grisly fate:

Henri’s ennui

[Via Tastefully Offensive]

Beware the Easter Bunny!

Sitting pretty…

The Rockette Sisters

Hot Slut of the Day

A wonderful post from the irrepressible Michael K:


April 4, 2012’s Hot Slut of the Day:  AQUA

Aqua, the (allegedly) maniacal pussy who (allegedly) tried to viciously murder his owner in her own Manhattan apartment! Aqua (seen here making a “Don’t tase me, bro!” face or a violent handjob face) was caught by the police and his rampage against humanity was put to an end after he attacked his owner Marta Hevia as she came out of the bathroom. Marta says that Aqua bit at her knee and clawed at her arm. Marta called it “cattempted murder,” and every other cat owner calls it a “Monday.”

Marta bravely tells The New York Daily News that her 2-year-old tuxedo tabby jumped at her and was obviously trying to kill her ass. Marta called 911 (because that’s what you do when a cat acts like a cat) and when the police arrived, that hot bitch Aqua wasn’t about to be taken in by the man, so he jumped through a glass window pane like the bad ass gangsta pussy he is. Sadly, the cops caught Aqua and threw him into the chokey aka a cat carrier from Petco. Marta has an idea for why Aqua came at her, “He’s neutered, but he’s always after (my other cat) because she’s in heat. Maybe it was my perfume. Maybe he didn’t like it. I don’t know .”

Or maybe he’s finally getting back at your ass for naming him Aqua and I know you didn’t name him after the greatest musical group of all time.

I’m not going to hate on Marta for not knowing that you can easily subdue a pussy by tying a sock around its body or distract it with something shiny, but I will hate on her for accusing Aqua of murder. Cats aren’t that obvious about their murder attempts. They are shifty bitches who will wait until you’re asleep. Then they’ll chew the phone wires, sit on your chest and lick your eyelids shut with their saliva while slowly siphoning the life out of you through your mouth. Or they will patiently wait until you give them a bath and claw at your wrists to make it look like a suicide. Aqua wasn’t trying to claw a heffa to death. Aqua’s regular catnip dealer accidentally cut his shit with the wrong stuff. That’s what happened.

With all that said: FREE AQUA!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Easter!


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